Weekly Tastemaker Blog

Wrap your ears around this! The best new tunes from up and coming Australian artists to grace your ears according to The Push Tastemaker Gayatri Chaturvedi;

Despite the fact that we’re almost halfway through 2019, the onslaught of quality tunes has shown no signs of slowing down with a fresh batch of perfectly cooked jams being served up in May. Whether you’re a slave to the manic rhythms of punk rock or seeking a satisfaction that can only be delivered by 80s-inspired synths, you’re bound to meet your new favourite tune in the following list of hand-picked tracks from this month!


Just Exist by Eliza and the Delusionals: This bittersweet tune about drawing creative inspiration from dire experiences opens with deceptively gentle, yet energy-fuelled vocals, drawing you in closer and then proceeding to soar fearlessly in a moment of catharsis. Be warned: that ending chorus will make you want to get up and dance like a maniac while yelling out the lyrics into your water bottle-turned microphone.  

Upmarket by Poison Abbey: Adorned in shimmering synths and blues-rock riffs, this tune can only be described as the musical form of a slick disco man wearing his finest pair of bright orange flairs and tinted glasses. The wispy vocals paired with glittery instrumentals make for a track that oozes with funk and undeniable charm.

Black Child ft. Mojo Juju by BIRDZ: Candid, powerful and dressed in addictive beats, BIRDZ delivers a bona fide reflection of race relations in Australia addressing experiences indigenous youth endure. With masterfully honest lyrics that don’t shy away from the truth and soulful hooks delivered by Mojo Juju, the empowering track is imbued with pride and hope for future indigenous generations.

No Time by The Pinheads: If you feel like being slapped in the face with punchy rhythms, piping hot guitar licks and a hearty serving of grit, then blast The Pinhead’s new jam No Time and prepare your body for the ultimate air guitar performance. Dabbling in their self-proclaimed ‘stylistic purgatory’- featuring elements of garage rock, punk and pure rock ‘n’ roll- the Sydney band deliver another head-banger!

Girl (feat. D-Lane) by Mufaro: Give me an indoor hammock, hand me an ice cold glass of coconut water and slap a palm tree in front of me because Mufaro’s smooth tropical jam is on. Reminiscent of early 2000s R&B bops from the likes of D’Angelo, there’s an effortless groove that is exuded from every inch of this track.


But the bangers don’t end there folks, check out more recently released tunes below:

  • Rearview by Gena Rose Bruce
  • Coast to Coast by The Gooch Palms
  • Are You Into Me? by Swim Team
  • Bleed by Slush
  • You On My Mind by Jye
  • Why by Venus Court
  • Parking Ticket by Teenage Dads
  • Caution by Sophiegrophy
  • Like a Bullet I’m Coming by Brad Paradise  
  • Lost it by Carousel Club  

Live all ages gigs coming up:

The Pinheads in-store at Oh Jean Records (Free + All Ages) Thursday 30 May

Amy Shark joined by special guests Slowly Slowly and Erthlings at Margaret Court Arena Friday May 31

Biscotti, Dark Water, Girl Zone, Maribelle, Simona Castricum & Slush at Brunswick Town Hall Saturday June 1

Yours Truly ft. Clean Cut Society, Barefoot Bowls Club, Repulse Pop, VIsta 400 at Allan McLean Hall Saturday June 1

Ryan Schmidt: A Day With the Potplants at Wrangler Studios Saturday June 1

Papithbk (Matinee EP Launch) U18 show Evelyn Hotel June 2