The Push Pop-Up Shop and industry development opportunities at Darebin Music Feast 2015


In 2015 Darebin Music Feast will feature a greater focus on artist and industry development opportunities. The Push, FreeZA Darebin and Darebin Music Feast have come on board to present The Push Pop-Up Shop right on busy 234 High Street, Northcote from October 23 – November 1. Over 12 days the pop-up shop will offer a series of FREE All Ages panels, presentations and workshops.

The program presents a number of exclusive and intimate sessions for musicians and those interested in music business and career development. All sessions are FREE, some bookings are recommended but not essential. Check out The Push Pop-Up Shop program and industry development opportunities below! For further details, go to

The Push Pop Up Shop
October 23 – November 1 @ 234 High Street, Northcote

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitInto The Music
Friday 23 October, 12-4pm (Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne)
Into The Music is a short, hands-on music making workshop for kids of all ages. From lush classical to dubstep, participants will explore the technology and techniques used to create the music they hear every day. All levels of musical knowledge can be catered for; from students who have never made music before to experienced secondary and tertiary music students. Using loop-based software ACID, participants will create a song that they can take home with them.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitHome Studio Recording
Friday 23 October, 4-6pm (Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne) RSVP
Take your studio production and engineering skills to the next level! In this session we will look at everything from your hardware setup and how to get the most out of your software, through to audio interfaces, signal chains, plug-ins and advice on microphone selection and placement.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitAbleton Live User Group Melbourne
Friday 23 October, 6-8pm (Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne) RSVP
Melbourne’s Ableton Live User Group is a collective of producers and musicians of all skill levels drawn together by their interest in learning and sharing the creative processes available to them using Ableton’s ‘Live’ music software. The group facilitators encourage you to bring your laptop, hook up to the projector and PA system and share your creative processes and new tracks. It’s a great way to get some critical feedback on your music and meet like minded producers. As a special one-off, this monthly meet-up will be held at The Push Pop-Up Shop.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitDance Like Everybody’s Watching – With B-Girl Demilition
Saturday 24 October, 1-3pm RSVP
Yup, this one’s for ladies only – an all female hip hop dance workshop. With no formal training and years of dancing on the streets, B-Girl Demilition (Demi Sorono) stepped her way into the nations spotlight as a final four competitor on So You Think You Can Dance. Join Demi as she takes you through the freestyle dance styles of locking, popping and breaking. We recommend comfy sneakers, loose clothing and a bottle of water. Limited spots, registration essential. All skill levels welcome!

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitOne Of One Panel
Saturday 24 October, 4-6pm (Presented by One of One)
One Of One shines the spotlight on women in the Australian music industry; artists, managers, label heads, bookers, publicists, radio personalities, tour managers et al. We are all lucky to work alongside so many hardworking women in this industry, and One Of One highlights the many wonderful women kicking butt at what they do. This panel will talk about how to navigate the music industry, any issues faced by women, what we can do to support each other and how to grow and improve Australia’s music scene and our excellent community of women. Come along for a candid chat about women in music. Leave with some knowledge, expertise, advice and inspiration on how to kick butt in your own career.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitLive Performance: The Bean Project
Sunday 25 October, 3-4pm
Welcome vibrant brass-clad acoustic duo The Bean Project. Featuring guitar and French horn, The Bean Project encompasses the territory of folk, jazz and singer-songwriter genres, showcasing a distinctly unique style of original material. Having won the 2014/15 FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands, and performing with Melbourne names such as The Twoks, The Woohoo Revue and 8Foot Felix, The Bean Project are steadily making waves around Melbourne.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitPull-Apart Mix – Presented by Jimi Maroudas
Sunday 25 October, 4-6pm RSVP
Are you a budding audio engineer, home recordist or musician? Have you ever wondered what secrets a mix-engineer might have up their sleeve to pull a great sound in the studio? Award-winning producer and engineer Jimi Maroudas will take you through a Pro Tools recording session and will pull-apart a ‘final mix’ to demonstrate recording & mixing techniques to take your home recording sessions to a new level.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitDIY Artist Merchandise Workshop
Monday 26 October, 4-6pm RSVP
Decibels Youth Music Centre is opening the doors for young bands and artists to make limited edition merchandise. Working with a visual designer, you will get to produce items including badges, t-shirts and posters branded with your own artwork, logos and images.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitSTEP JR
Monday 26 October, 6-8pm (Presented by STEP)
STEP is an inclusive and engaging music industry event, normally held bi-monthly at The Toff in Town venue in Melbourne, that aims to provide practical knowledge and intelligent discourse on current practices within the music industry and also showcases some of the amazing musical talent in Australia. STEP will be curating a special one off event at this year’s Darebin Music Feast called STEP JR, featuring a moderated panel discussion with some of Melbourne’s finest young people involved in music.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitFReeZA Worker Network Meeting
Tuesday 27 October, 12-4pm RSVP
FReeZA workers from the North West metro are invited for an informal chat about how your music programs are going over a light catered lunch.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitDecibels Records Committee Meeting
Tuesday 27 October, 4-6pm
Darebin City Council’s Decibels Records initiative is a youth-led program for young people interested in pursuing a career within the music industry. The year-long program provides opportunities for participants to gain first hand experience in the various elements of establishing and maintaining an independent record label. Find out more about the program other music initiatives at this special open-program session as part of Darebin Music Feast.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitPush Songs: Tuesday Night Song Club
Tuesday 27 October, 6-8pm Artist Applications
Push Songs is a free songwriting program to support the creative development and songcraft of emerging Victorian songwriters of all genres, ages and backgrounds. Led by acclaimed Melbourne songwriter Charles Jenkins, artists will have the opportunity to discuss the art of songwriting, test and perform new ideas and get feedback from fellow writers in a creative space. Limited spots available, successful applicants will be notified.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitFree Legal Consultations
Wednesday 28 October, 12-4pm (Presented by GI & Sanicki Lawyers) RSVP
The Push Pop Up invites you to attend a free one-on-one legal consult with experienced entertainment lawyer, Moira McKenzie from GI & Sanicki Lawyers. Moira acts for some of Australia’s best known artists in the music industry as well as managers, indie labels, producers, music festivals, and other music businesses. Moira is also a musician and is on the Board of Music Victoria. You may have a particular legal query, issue or concern, or you may just want to get some general advice on your legal rights. Limited spots, registration essential.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitFree Artist Photoshoots
Wednesday 28 October, 4-6pm RSVP
One of the most important parts of kicking off your musical career is having a great press shot. Lucky for you, the team at Decibels Youth Music Centre along with respected photographer Kristoffer Paulsen will be setting up and shooting at a temporary studio at this year’s Pop Up Shop! Bring your bandmates, stare down the camera lens and come out of this session with an industry standard press shot to take you to the next level.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitEssential Social Media Panel
Wednesday 28 October, 6-8pm
As an artist today, social media can be tricky to navigate, but undoubtedly essential to your project’s development. This session is all about discussing which social media platforms are a good fit for your brand, and provide the best capacity for you to connect to your audience with and bolster your visibility in the industry. The panel will include social media expert Sarah Dileo from Mushroom Music, Alex Lahey from Animaux and Ur Boy Bangs.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitMusic Is My Career
Thursday 29 October, 4-6pm
Whether you want to be a band manager, publicist, guitar tech or performer a music career can be difficult to navigate. This session will give you real advice and information on how to get your foot in the door and work your dream music industry job including some easy things you can be doing now to support your career in the future!

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitThe Great Debate: Is crowd funding the new grant writing?
Thursday 29 October, 6-8pm
We live in a world where the internet has become the way we prefer to do everything, from communicating, to listening to music, to discovering information on every topic imaginable, but has it become the best option for music funding? Specifically, has crowd funding become a more sustainable option for local artists as opposed to the traditional method of writing and applying for grants? Here we will debate the merits of crowd funding vs. grant writing in an amusing and entertaining forum.

Affirmative Team:

  • Steve Mackay (Guitarist, Twelve Foot Ninja)
  • Emily Ulman (Publicist / Venue Booker)

Negative Team:

  • Ellen Kirk (Grant Writer / Artist Management)
  • Sarah Jane Wentzki (Musician / Arts Officer, Victoria Rocks)
  • Jonathan Williamson (Educator and former grants manager)

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitSYN Media Workshop
Friday 30 October, 4-6pm RSVP
SYN Media will be illuminating the interview process for budding musicians and industry professionals. We’ll cover everything from how to book a media interview, to microphone technique and what to say. During the session you will make a recording, experience the process as a presenter and an interviewee plus get feedback from industry professionals on how to improve your presentation. We will talk you through the process of organising an interview and give you key contacts at Melbourne’s most important community radio stations.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitThe Art of Artist Management: A Masterclass with Tom Larkin
Friday 30 October, 4-6pm
Join Tom Larkin for a frank discussion about artist development in the current music landscape. Originally from New Zealand, Tom is a producer, drummer, songwriter and the founding member of NZ band Shihad. He also currently owns and runs Melbourne recording studio ‘The Studios in The City’, and runs music management and artist development company Homesurgery. Through Homesurgery he looks after: Cairo Knife Fight, Strangers and The Sinking Teeth.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitAPRA AMCOS Information Session
Saturday 31 October, 12-4pm
Attention songwriters and emerging artists! Hear from Nicholas Albanis on the role APRA AMCOS plays in supporting music creators to get paid for their work. Learn how to become a member and the steps involved with registering your work. Hear how APRA AMCOS represents you to collect royalties on your behalf.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitOpen Mic / Open Deck Afternoon
Saturday 31 October, 4-6pm Register to play
Emerging singer/songwriters, DJs and electronic artists, register now for a 15 minute showcase at The Push Pop-Up Shop! Comes complete with floor cushions for an intimate performance.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitHow To Write Your Way To Success In The Music Industry
Sunday 1 November, 12-4pm
If you’ve ever had a passionate or even controversial opinion about a musician, than chances are you’ve considered writing in the industry. With the scope of music broadening every day, writing and blogging has become the ultimate way to gain publicity. Tyson Wray from Beat Magazine, Jake Cleland from Strine Whine and author Jenny Valentish discuss their craft and what it takes to engage with an audience in new and exciting ways.

Blank Open Postage Edge Outline Landscape Template Black on WhitThornbury High School – Decibels Records Launch
Sunday 1 November, 5-6pm
Decibels Records High is a Year 10 elective subject, providing Thornbury High School students with practical education and training experiences in establishing, maintaining and being signed to an independent record label. Over 20 weeks, students have worked with industry professionals and program staff to sign, record and market a single release from an artist based within the school. Come along and celebrate the launch of their artist and release at special showcase event, held as a part of the Darebin Music Feast.