The Fire Alive

firealiveIf you were lucky enough to attend Push Over 2011, you may have caught Colac band The Fire Alive playing their own brand of bluesy progressive rock. Since forming in 2008 the four-piece have built a reputation by playing gigs in and around Melbourne, Queenscliff, Geelong, Apollo Bay, and Aireys Inlet. On the verge of recording their debut EP, the boys took a moment to introduce themselves to youthcentral.

Who are the members of The Fire Alive, and if you all were going on a road trip, what do you think each member would bring?

The Fire Alive are Josh Rigg: guitar, vocal; Travis Lineen: guitar, vocal; Warren Woods: bass; Tom Maw: drums. Well, Josh would bring his poncho, Mawy would bring the iPod, Trav the esky and Warren would bring his flannos.

How did you get together to form The Fire Alive?

Well, Josh and Warren kind of started off at school, and when Josh did his first solo EP both Warren and Trav featured, which kind of kicked us off jamming. But we were missing the all-important drummer, which came through Mawy, and so began The Fire Alive.

How do you describe the style of music you play to someone who can’t hear?

It’s like snakes rustling through the trees whilst pelicans grace the skies above.

Have you found your style of music has progressed since you started out?

Yes definitely, we started out with a sort of soft sound (cruisy roots), but as new influences started to prevail so did a more rock-driven sound. Also our songs are now written by all of us, which has created a unique blend of a combination of styles.

You beat other bands in the Colac and Geelong area to make it to the Battle of the Bands Grand Final at Push Over. What kind of experience was that for your band?

Beating other bands wasn’t so much the joy we got out of the competition. It was more just the chance to perform and spread our music. Sure it was great to advance to the final, but we don’t see music as competitive as everyone is different in their own right. We were lucky enough to be given the APRA Award for Song Writing in the final, which was amazing and a real compliment to the efforts we have put in over the last two years, and a real push to keep doing what we love to do: making music.

Describe a live performance for someone who has never seen you guys play live.

Well, we like to think we come at the crowd with a lot of energy. We put everything into our live performances and we love to see the crowd get something out of it. Being on stage is really where we feel comfortable. It’s raw when it’s live.

What has been your experience with FReeZA?

FReeZa has been great in terms of providing events and exposure for upcoming bands like ourselves. It’s great to see an organisation getting behind young talent in such a cutthroat industry.

How has being regionally based affected the band?

It has been a plus and a minus. It’s affected us in that locally there is not much of a music scene or venues to play, and just in terms of getting the word out there and getting the exposure is a bit more of a challenge. But in saying that, I think being in a country area has really benefitted our music as there are not as many distractions and we are able to focus on our music.

Were there any outstanding gigs that have stuck in your memories?

Well naturally, Push Over has been our greatest to date. Playing in front of a full room and hearing ourselves on a decent PA was amazing. It really makes a difference when you have such a big sound, especially as it is needed with our music.

What’s your dream as a young band in the Aussie music scene?

I think our dream would to be able to continue to play gigs and support ourselves through music. We would also love to crack into the festival scene as there are some great events in Australia which we would love to be a part of.

Tell us about the EP you are releasing.

We were lucky enough to team up with Lloyd Barrett (Mia Dyson, Jaimi Faulkner) and Rhys Britnell (our manager/producer) at Otway Studios in Lavers Hill. We are really enjoying working personally with such an experienced engineer like Lloyd as it is given us the opportunity to get the sound we are really looking for.

We are only just in the beginning stages of the EP, having just finished pre-production meetings. We are going into the studio on 13 May with aims at releasing our EP in either late June or early July 2011. The EP will have five songs on it that we have selected.

How can your fans keep an eye on what you’re up to?

You can check our Facebook – or MySpace – – for updates on gigs and generally where we are at. Also keep an eye out for a live recording on its way from Push Over, which will be a taste of what will be on the EP.

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