The City In Motion

TCIM-Everywhere-2wThe City In Motion have been touring the Melbourne music scene since 2008. The guys have established themselves as a solid and vibrant four-piece band with their catchy tunes and growing fan base. As they prepare to launch their second album, Retrograde, front man Ian Koletsis chats to us about the journey so far.

Please introduce us to each band member and tell us a bit about their personality

Ian Koletsis – Vocals/Guitar: Sucker for a pop melody, loves catchy music and having a good time. Loves meeting new people each and every day and talking music and life with whoever is open to it!
Tristan Oliver – Bass/Keys: The funny man. Remembers endless quotes from comedy sit-coms and movies. Always up for a good time. Definitely the brains of the band!
Mathew Tehan – Drums: The internal manager. Owns the house we all live in and provides a home for TCIM. Hard working guy who is constantly thinking about the band and furthering himself as a drummer.

What is the story behind The City in Motion?  What year did you form the band and how did it all come about?

TCIM began in mid 2008 after we had been playing together in various other bands. The three of us just felt very comfortable writing music together and decided to take on a project that has now become TCIM. Being close friends through High School, we have been playing music together since we were 16 which has helped us understand each other, combining all of our different tastes in music and styles of writing to form the unique sound that is TCIM.

Can you tell us about how you came from just starting out to where you are now? 

In the early years we played lots of pop-punk cover songs, playing at friends parties for fun. It was hard starting out, playing any shows we could, dragging all of our friends to every show and trying to impress who-ever was there. We loved every minute of it though, and I believe that is what has helped us get to where we are today. We still love it and no matter how far we get with our music we will keep writing new and improved songs as often as we can!

How did FReeZA help you over the years? What opportunities did they give you? 

FReeZA has been a great support of TCIM putting us on local festivals and events all throughout our local Shire. They have given us spots playing Battle of The Bands and in our early years, in other bands, and have really helped us grow as musicians through their positive feedback and endless support for live up and coming bands.

Who writes the songs you play? Where do the lyrical ideas and themes come from? 

We all share the writing which is what makes our music unique. One of us will come up with an idea and the other two will dissect it and use that idea to build our songs. Generally Tristan and Ian will write the lyrics. Ian’s lyrics will more often than not be about “the journey” and all aspects of life that involve being in a band. Tristan, however, is a genius in his lyrical ability, writing powerful lines to really emphasize what the songs are about and getting his message across! We write about what matters to us and hopefully our music can help others growing up, just like the music we’ve listened to as kids has helped us!

What kind of experience do you try to give the audience with your live shows? 

We pride ourselves on having an elusive, energetic live show! It’s physically straining for us, but when the songs start and you’re running on pure adrenalin you can’t help but get into it! We try to involve as many people as we can and build a connection with our audience. We want everyone to be apart of TCIM and what better way to do so than getting everyone involved at our shows!

What can we expect from your latest album ‘Retrograde’? Where are you recording it? When will it be officially released? 

Retrograde has just been finished! We recorded the drums at Sing Sing studios and the rest was recorded at our home studio “The Man Cave” with acclaimed producer/engineer Jimi Maroudas. We are having an EP release show very soon, being announced on our MySpace however, for those of you who are keen, you can buy it directly from there already!

Where do you want to see TCIM in the future? Do you have future plans or ideas?

TCIM is a band that will be around for a very long time! No matter how far we get, we love what we do too much to give it away! We are planning on touring throughout July and August so stay tuned for details.

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