The Beths – Future Me Hates Me

Sweet vocals and catchy riffs, Future Me Hates Me has a fantastic indie rock sound, a newly released album from The Beths. Studying jazz at the University of Auckland, they all decided to start a rock band together, so inspired by the music from their childhood they set out to write music; and the Beths have come far. This newly fledged band put out their debut EP in 2016, Warm Bodies with 5 songs, including ‘Whatever’ which can also be found on their new album. Becoming quite a hit in New Zealand and Australia and with the new album out now, they will be touring the US and Europe until the Summer.

Future Me Hates Me has a great blend of rock and indie sounds and ranges the moods of their song while still sticking to a similar sound throughout the album. Uptown Girl and You Wouldn’t Like Me sound like the perfect road trip songs and represent the energy in the album: that type of kick ass up-beat that makes you want to tap or sing along to. Yet the lyrics also discuss many different feelings and experiences I think we can all relate to in some way, they tackle love, acceptance and fear in a way I rarely hear in other artists, especially in Not Running.

My favourites off this album though would have to be Great No One and River Run: Lvl 1.

Great No One reminds me of a Summer in the suburbs, the song has a warm vibe and starts off the album with a kick. River Run: Lvl 1 is quite distinct from their other songs on the album from the stripped back verses, it feels personal and balances the guitar melody and harmonious vocals greatly. The drums compliment the change in tone as well, and the intro has a nice transition from the song before it, Happy Unhappy.

The one and only downside to this album is it can sometimes sound too repetitive, but even that is outweighed by all the great things this album brings to the table. The mix of melodic guitar playing complimented by some chunky rhythms, and the drums that always fit the mood of whatever song is being played. The singing is amazing, having a soft touch to them and harmonic backing vocals, and the lyrics are written with great emotion. All in all, a fantastic indie album and a band that I’ll definitely be listening to more, and I hope you do too.

Review by Alia Pavey