ScotDrakula at The Curtin

hollyAt The Curtin, Saturday 20 May with Mesa Cosa, Good Morning and Pregnancy.

Over the last three or so years ScotDrakula have been one of my favourite Melbourne bands. Their unassuming, unrelenting garage rock is equal parts endearing and frightening and they’ve long remained a must see live act for many. Tonight marks their last show with bassist Dove Bailey and could very well be the last show ScotDrakula ever.

First support Pregnancy took to the stage first to make their live debut. The band are a melting pot of some of the best musicians in Melbourne, featuring members of The Ocean Party, Totally Mild and Cool Sounds. The band performed a set of sweet and catchy tunes made all the more entertaining by the shared vocal duties and dancing of Ashley Bundang and Zac Denton.

Followed up by the mellow Good Morning, the crowd’s conversations grew louder over the music, but this didn’t deter the band from playing a solid set. While their music is perhaps best enjoyed while gently swaying, the high energy of all the other bands on the bill made Good Morning seem a little subdued in comparison. The last support for the night Mesa Cosa increased both the decibels and level of rowdiness, delivering their boisterous, in-your-face rock to a now full to the brim Curtin.

Once ScotDrakula made it on stage the chance of securing a good spot in the band room was pretty slim. A heaving mass of humans reveled in the chaos, with each song proving to be a personal favourite of someone in the band room. Burner got its first airing in quite some time, while standouts from their debut album Shazon, Kill What You Love and O’Clock were met with some of the most enthusiastic singing along I’ve ever witnessed. As the set rolled on, the sense that it was really was the end started to creep up on both the band and punters, but rather than getting overly sentimental the music only increased in frenzy. For the last song Mesa Cosa were back providing extra percussion and a stage invasion from those nearest and dearest to the band ensued.

It was the perfect shambolic end to a band who made every show they played feel this thrilling. It’s certainly going to be hard to grow accustomed to not seeing ScotDrakula play regularly. When I was 18 years old and new to the overage Melbourne music scene they were one of the first bands I decided to see at every opportunity. It’s sad to see them go.

Review and photo by Holly Pereira.