Rise Electric

riseelectricWhat do you get when you experiment with rock, funk, metal, pop and grunge? The answer is Rise Electric, a modern rock band that has been described as “damn catchy”. The five-piece act hails from the depths of South East Melbourne with an agenda to entertain, sell out shows and solidify the rock genre. Front man Paul Morris takes us back to the beginning of where it all began.

Please introduce us to the members of Rise Electric.

Paul Morris – Lead Singer/Guitar ‘The Front Man’
Lachy Collins – Lead Guitar/Vocal Harmonies ‘The Shredder’
Danny Din – Guitar/Backing Vocals ‘The Quiet Achiever’
Jay Pittas – Bass Guitar ‘The Entertainer’
David Brearley – Drums ‘The Ladies Man’

How did Rise Electric form?

Being long time friends through school, Paul and David jammed with various side projects, as did Danny and Lachy. Deciding to collaborate for a corporate gig, we sought the help of previous bassist, Jay. In an effort to cement the line up, we played two back-to-back gigs at school. From there, we gigged around local areas doing underage shows and finally made a name for ourselves as Rise Electric.

What was your music like when you formed back in August 2008?

We started off doing a lot of cover gigs and parties and festivals, playing well known oldies to not much of a crowd. Then once we had a vision of where we wanted to go we developed our sound of rock/pop with tasty hints of classic bands like The Darkness and The Living End.

How has your music developed over the years, to become what it is today?

Having played countless gigs, you can definitely experiment like we did. We worked off what we got reactions for and went from there. We try to keep a contemporary feel to our songs, without losing our roots.

How would you describe your music and style now?

We would call ourselves a modern rock band. Not many acts out there make much of an effort to solidify a ‘rock’ genre, so when experimenting with styles of funk, metal and even dance, we always have it in the back of our mind that indeed we are a rock band.

Were there any specific influences on your music?

Our influences are so broad. For example, Jay is a fan of Heavy Metal, Danny loves John Mayer, Lachy is right into a lot of acoustic roots bands like Crowded House, David loves Hip Hop and Soul, whereas Paul is into Musical Theatre. At the end of the day we’re always being influenced by our favourite rock or pop or metal acts, we just try to incorporate different styles into our music.

What are your live performances like?

We have been quoted as ‘A Damn Catchy Band’. I would say our music invites audience participation and that’s what we get. We love feeding off of the audience, even improvising jams just to get them on their feet. I suppose we just love to move around and act like idiots as most bands do. In our opinion, if the crowd is having a good time, we’re doing our job.

How have FReeZA and The Push helped to get you guys to where you are today?

Well having always gone to live FReeZA events, we loved a lot of bands we saw, and that is probably what inspired us to become what we are. FReeZA are just so great with bands like us. They have really embraced us and supported our band. We are really appreciative.

What opportunities have you had because of FReeZA or the Push?

We got the opportunity to play with all the bands we loved watching through our earlier high school years, and now we’ve shared the stage with them. We’ve been put on the bill for MAYDAY and are so psyched for that. I’m sure their will be other gigs and pubs and bars but playing a FReeZA gig is something we always look forward to.

Tell us about supporting 28 Days. What was the event? How was the crowd? What was it like supporting 28 Days?

We worked with a company called MLG who are great. Being the only underage group the have entered one of their Last Band Standing competitions, we worked really hard for crowds and ended up winning $2,500 dollars in the grand final. They managed the supports for the 28Days gig and put us on the bill. We were so psyched. The crowd was amazing, the energy was great, it was definitely an experience we’ll never forget.

What has been the most interesting or outstanding experience you’ve had as a band so far? Are there any specific memorable moments?

Winning the Last Band Standing was a massive shock for us. We just never thought something like that would happen to us. We got such great responses at the shows and it really helped us to develop as a band. I also remember the first time we played a show as Rise Electric: we played to the whole Year 7 level, we had a massive stage and a full lighting show. After an hour and a half set, we came off and just knew that we had ourselves something we could work with. It was then when we probably all knew we could make a real go of things.

Please tell us about your new EP.

Actually we released our EP ‘On The Rise’ on Saturday 24th April at the Cherry Bar. That was truly another huge step forward for us. We sold out the Bar and played an hour show to a packed house. You literally couldn’t walk – it was amazing to see so many people there. The CD has 5 tracks recorded at two different studios, with a really broad range of genres ranging from rock, to ballad, rockabilly and anthem.

What are the future plans for Rise Electric?

Well, there are so many things we want to do. We are such a young band and we just want to get out there and experience it all. We would love to do an all ages launch sometime. We are also looking at playing bigger gigs like Pyramid Rock and Falls Festival. Anything we can get, like some people down for a big ol’ Rock N’ Roll show would be great. We are currently working with a great manager Mr. Thomas Pittas, and are still unsigned, so that’s also something we can work towards.

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