residualpicWhen it comes to making the most of opportunities, Geelong indie-rockers Residual could be held up as an example for most young bands. Though it’s been just a year since they actively started playing as a band, the four-piece have hit the ground running and already released a debut EP. We caught up with the boys to chat about their latest tour and the support they’ve been getting from the industry.

Hi Residual, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed again. We last spoke to you guys at the end of 2013, what have you been up to since then? Seems you’ve been busy!

Wow, it’s been a busy start to 2014! We’ve recorded our debut EP, released our first single from the EP Numbered, produced our first music video and just wrapped up our first tour. Now we are busy behind the scenes planning the EP release and second singe that we hope to have out in the next few months.

Congratulations on winning the APRA Award for Songwriting at the FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands grand final 2013. How did you feel about the competition and the result?

No, thank you guys for being such a great kick start for us! We loved the competition as it has been the backbone of our short time as a band. Our first show was the Geelong heat and we haven’t looked back since. Obviously we are stoked to have come 2nd amongst great competition, it is humbling, and to have won the APRA award was a great and positive shock!

Towards the end of last year you became a part of the Spinning Half family in their Geelong Artist Support Project (G.A.S.P.). Tell us about that and what you guys have learnt from the experience.

We’ve learnt so much and feel really proud to be part of a family that is based in our home town and known far wider. Our management crew always say they have done most of their learning the hard way and we think we are lucky to be benefiting from that.

You’ve spent the better part of April touring the East coast following the release of Numbered from your forthcoming debut EP. How did the tour go?

The tour was amazing! Again, props to management for organising it all and keeping us in check along the way. We played with some great bands, including our tour buddy Jordan Riddle, in some great venues and have gotten some really great responses. It’s been such a learning curve and we can’t wait to do it all again!

What can you tell us about your EP? How has the recording process been?

The EP recording process was fantastic. Beau Mckee looked after us and made sure he got the best out of us. We are really happy with how it has turned out and are having the usual problem of deciding what to release next.

What were the influences for your EP, where did you get the inspiration from?

To be honest, we haven’t really thought about the influences and inspiration, we have just been working hard at creating our own feel and recorded what we thought were the best songs we had.

Recently you opened for British India in your hometown of Geelong. How did it feel to share the stage with them?

It was totally up there with our best shows. Playing in that massive room on that massive stage in front of so many people who were there for British India was intimidating. But then the crowd started to really applaud us and genuinely seemed to like us.

Although you guys have all played in other bands before, Residual has only been an active band since August last year, and you’ve made a fair bit of progress already. How have you guys managed to navigate the music scene as a young band?

We won’t lie; we’ve had help and really great support from friends and family along with the likes of The Push and Spinning Half. It has been really exciting, but we’ve done some research, listened to people with more experience and really thought about every move we’ve made. We’ve spent a lot of time practicing, writing and generally working hard behind the scenes.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt about the music industry so far, and what’s the best piece of advice you’ve had?

To slow things down and take your time with your product. Work hard at your songs and performance and be interactive with your friends/fans.

What are Residual’s grand plans for the rest of the year?

OOoooOooo, EP release, EP launch shows, another run of shows and more writing. Repeat. Haha.

Where can we next catch you playing?

Thursday June 5, The Espy, supporting Little Odessa.
Thursday July 10, The Espy, supporting Empra.
Friday August 7, Courthouse Arts Geelong, headlining the Push Start Heat

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