Our Hip-Hop Project ‘PushIt! Cyphers’

The Push is looking for hungry rappers, beatboxers, singers and even beat-makers to join our exciting new project, PushIt! Cyphers which kicks off in February 2018.

If you are interested please register now or email kieron@thepush.com.au with any questions you may have. Find more detail below.

What is a “cypher”?

In hip-hop the “cypher” is when a group of rappers, singers, beatboxers, even beat-makers and musicians huddle together and perform live on street corners and public spaces.

You can spit freestyle (improvised) lyrics or pre-written/memorised verses, it’s all about sharing and discovering new voices in hip-hop.

The cypher is a tradition that spans all the way back to hip-hop’s genesis in 70s Bronx, New York, and you will have come across the format on TV, BET or TeamBackPack.

PushIt! is bringing the cypher live and direct throughout the City of Moreland in 2018…

What is PushIt! Cyphers?
Inspired by New York’s Legendary Cyphers, PushIt! Cyphers is a series of live rap cyphers taking place throughout the City of Moreland in February and March 2018; rapping in public spaces using nothing but our voice boxes and a stereo! Funded by City of Moreland and supported by YouthWorx and Amped Up Productions, the series kicks off in Fawkner, then hits Glenroy, Pascoe Vale, Brunswick and then the finale at Coburg!

When is it?

Friday 16 February 4pm to 6pm – Fawkner Skate Park, 79/83 Jukes Rd, Fawkner 

Friday 23 February 4pm to 6pm – Morgan Court, Glenroy

Friday 2 March 4pm to 6pm – Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool, 7 Prospect St, Pascoe Vale 

Friday 9 March 4pm to 6pm – Wilson Avenue, Brunswick

Friday 16 March 4pm to 7pm – Victoria Street Mall, Coburg

The finale!

For the biggest and finale cypher in Coburg we will joined by some of Melbourne’s most promising and talented hip-hop artists: Fresh Violet, Yung Philly, Muma Doesa, Fevapres, Class A, Mista Monk, Emerald, Boy Graduate, Sadiva, 1/6 and hosted by Defron! It’s an amazing opportunity not to just perform alongside these talented musicians, but also just to witness them doing their thing live! To top it off, the amazing crew at YouthWorx media will be filming the finale to turn it into a small-doco for later release and Amped Up Productions will also be assisting in delivering the event.

For each cypher, PushIt! needs a group of hungry rappers, beatboxers, singers and even beat-makers to hit each location and of course to represent at the finale!

Applications for this round of PushIt! Cyphers are now closed.

Just a note, don’t worry if you can’t “freestyle”, as a) you don’t need to be able to and b) you will learn how to! That said, if you have any concerns or questions please contact kieron@thepush.com.au or call (03) 9380 1277 and ask for Kieron.

We’ll contact all successful applicants in the new year!

Taking it to the streets!

The cypher is all about the key principles of hip-hop: peace, love, unity and having fun. It’s about breaking down the walls between culture and community, so that artists and the public can embrace and celebrate each other. Join us for PushIt! Cyphers!

This project is funded by City of Moreland Community Grants Program and Supported by YouthWorx and Amped Up Productions .