New Slang in October w/ Wet Lips!


New Slang is a new monthly, live music series co-presented by The Push and Arts Centre Melbourne. These intimate and exclusive events showcase both touring and local artists to Melbourne’s all-ages audiences and are programmed by our New Slang youth events team.

Get some rock ‘n’ roll back in yr life. For the sixth NEW SLANG we’ve got four of the finest acts currently going:

Wet Lips

Unhinged, unstoppable, and as fun & sloppy as a 3am d-floor pash with some hot stranger. They’ve sold out two WETFESTs and absolutely killed BIGSOUND, proving that wet really is best.



Melbourne rock dogs playing Wetwave.


Ghost In The Machine

Melbourne-based five-piece outfit Ghost in The Machine blend a range of genres from electro to indie/alternative, blurring the lines between them in a way that sets them apart from the crowd.



Self described “duo of 16 year-old dumbasses”. They’re actually pretty good, though.


Friday 7 October

6pm – 9pm
The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne
Tickets on sale now

Check urself before u wreck urself. New Slang.