New Slang in November w/ Jarrow + more!


New Slang is a new monthly, live music series co-presented by The Push and Arts Centre Melbourne. These intimate and exclusive events showcase both touring and local artists to Melbourne’s all-ages audiences and are programmed by our New Slang youth events team.

New Slang is back for the second last time in 2016. Who’s ready to party? This month we have:


Silky smooth garage pop. Jarrow have just released their debut album 2003 Dream and it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll ever listen to. We’re so excited to have them on New Slang for this special all-ages event.

Inn House

Playing rock and or roll how all your friends like it, Inn House are launching their debut four track EP The Wonder Life at this month’s event. It’s the first time New Slang’s ever launched something. Maybe we’ll get some party hats.


Apparently their influences are that Simpsons episode where Bart becomes a miracle healer and tries to heal that football player with a broken leg and the football player kicks the winning goal but his foot falls off. They also like $5 Dominos pizza. Win.


Friday 4 November

6pm – 9pm
The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne


Check urself before u wreck urself. New Slang.