New Empire

new empireNine years, three albums, countless shows and tours, and a record label deal – it’s safe to say that Sydney rockers New Empire have been giving the industry a solid run for the past decade. This April saw them release their lastest work, In A Breath, and embark on an Australiuan tour. We were lucky enough to catch up with drummer and vocalist Kale for a quick chat!

Hey guys. In an interview last year you described the journey of trying to hone your sound and figure out who you guys are as artists. With all the work you’ve been putting into making and releasing your latest album In A Breath, where do you think you are now in that ever-evolving journey?

We feel like we’ve finally completed an album which represents us as a band and musicians. It’s taken a few albums but we have got there! We feel that from now on anything we do will be an evolution of In A Breath.

With the success of your last album Symmetry, did you feel the pressure to write and produce something equally as good or better?

Definitely, I guess we knew how well Symmetry was received so to build on that would be only a bonus. So far, we seem to have achieved that from everyone’s responses.

Please tell us about the songwriting process behind In A Breath, who wrote the songs and how did you collaborate when making the music?

Jeremy had the luxury of writing in his very own studio this time around giving him lots of time to pre produce everything and get it right before the band really had a go at structuring and arranging their parts. We all came in at a place where it was 85% done making it very easy to add the finishing touches to what had already been done.

Having a home studio means you’re not limited by time or money when it comes to recording. Do you feel that it has allowed you more creative freedom in making music?

Absolutely, without this time and place to do things without financial pressures allowed us to go even further into our production and make sure we got it right.

You guys have gone from success to success, and recently joined a solid repertoire of past and present bands at Tooth & Nail Records, which signals the next step in the band’s journey. Have you thought about your future direction as a band now?

With the international signing, it means a lot more people will be exposed to our music, we’ve always wanted to be an international band and this seemed like the logical step forward to achieve that to America and beyond.

It is quite an extraordinary opportunity to be able to take your music to the rest of the world. Where is this upcoming world tour taking you? Is there anywhere or anything in particular that you are really looking forward to?

We are really looking forward to touring with Hawthorne Heights on the Hope Revolution tour in Aug-Sep as we will be playing to so many new people each night. Our sounds may be different but we are hoping to add a difference in the styles audiences can expect to hear.

Your place on The Hope Revolution tour in USA and Canada has just been announced, alongside acts Hawthorne Heights and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. What’s your fan base like outside of Australia, and how do you foster it?

Our fan base there is only beginning, it’s like anywhere you go for the first time, you need to go back and keep the music fresh. More regular trips back and forth will help foster the fans we make on this upcoming tour!

What do you guys get up to when you finally get some down time and aren’t doing the band thing?

We all do different things, I (Kale) teach kids primary education, Kyle works in coffee, Jeremy produces other artists and Nate is a designer. So we keep ourselves very busy usually, we don’t like doing nothing when band stuff quiets down.

Do you have any advice for young bands who are trying to navigate the music industry?

Follow your gut and be willing to make hard decisions. Success never comes over night and only comes when you work hard. Enjoy it! Make music with people you love.

Lastly, the one thing you wish you’d learnt earlier is…

Never trust a quick burrito.

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