Granston Display

GranstonDisplay02Granston Display came from rather honest beginnings as dudes trying to stay out of trouble in school. Since adding a third member to the group in 2011 they’ve now played some notable festivals in Victoria and are just off the back of recording their first live EP. I spoke to Drummer Shags Murphy about the band’s successes to date.

First off, congrats for snagging AOTM for June. How did that go down?

It went down well, it’s keeping us motivated to keep writing and playing to new audiences.

Dare I ask how you got the name Shags?

It’s not that bizarre – my hair used to be really long so my uncle gave me the nickname and my friends caught on.

It’s just three boys, right? When did you all get together and start the musical collaboration that is now Granston Display?

James and I played throughout high school (it kept us out of trouble). We recruited Jimmy in early 2011, and that’s when Granston Display started.

Most recently you played at the 2012 Sounds Loud festival with some killer acts. Did you get to see a few of the bands and how was on the day? First festival?

Sounds Loud was a solid gig. Our close friend Jordan (who now lives in Sweden) sang and played guitar and harmonica with us, and the crowd responded well. Stonefield were the bomb. This is the third festival we’ve played in 2012.

Your self-titled debut EP came out around a month ago and is available for free via your soundcloud. How long have you been working on that little gem?

We did that EP in 48 hours at Cavern Sound Studios. Mark Belcastro recorded, mixed and mastered the EP. We also had some mixing time ourselves. It was a mixture of new and old songs, so it was really a year in the making.

You’ve definitely got a solid rock sound with a tinge of blues slammed in there – did you all grow up with these tunes or just come to make them on your own?

Everything you hear is pretty much James. We just complement and accentuate the message he’s getting across. Jimmy is more into alternative and more electronic music, but we all blend when we’re in the same room.

What’s next for GD?

We just released our first live EP, called Live Display. You can download it for free via our soundcloud (new window). We also want to start supporting bigger acts and writing more tunes.