Freeza Push Start Finalists Spotlight: Part 2

It’s that time of the year again! The Freeza Push Start grand final is quickly approaching. On Feb 10th at St Kilda Festival, eight finalists from all over Victoria covering a range of genres will showcase on the Push Stage, with one winner taking home the winning title. Get to know our first four finalists and be sure to pop down and catch their sets before they become the next big thing in 2019! Stay tuned for part two of our Freeza Push Start final artist spotlights next week.

Disgruntled Architect (North Metro)









Disgruntled Architect are a sextet that combines the intensity and complexity of modern progressive music with classical and traditional themes referencing arabic, gypsy, flamenco, klezmer and folk styles to create an eclectic, vibrant and genre-breaking sound unlike anything else. The group formed at the start of 2017 and have quickly begun working hard creating insightful, original music as well as starting a growing reputation as one of the most unique bands in the local music scene.

Nomad (West Metro)








Damon Paraha, A.K.A. Nomad, is a Melbourne based artist of Maori/Samoan descent. At 21 years old, Nomad has been pursuing a career in performing arts since graduating from Tarneit Senior College in 2015. He is the second oldest of six children as well as a father and fiance`. The name ‘Nomad’ is a Moniker that originated when learning about the Indigenous Australians in his Outdoor Education class, who lived semi-nomadically, an approach that he would adapt with his music in order to stay current (Nomad backwards also spells out his first name, Damon). He is also currently working on a 7 track EP called “Intermission”, a reference to his 2018 remix to J. Cole’s “Sideline Story” where he said “This an Intermission but imma be back with more, ’cause it started off a battle but now we going to war”

Girl on the Hill (East Metro)









With a comprehensive string of songwriting, vocal and stage awards and over 20 festival appearances, Sadie (a.k.a. Girl on the Hill) offers a fresh salad day sound for summer. Recently launching her long-awaited debut EP “Up Left & Turn” in collaboration with Rangemaster Melbourne producer David Carr, her vibrant and joyous musical journey marries spirited harmonies and powerful vocals.“Working with Sadie is what I imagine it would have been like working with a young Kate Bush … someone whose musical DNA is staggering”, says Carr. “Up Left & Turn” is available digitally and online.

Isabella Fortuna (Northern Country)










Isabella Fortuna is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter based in Castlemaine. Her sound is influenced by many genres including folk and soul. She is fascinated by words and considers herself just as much a writer as a musician. Her stories are carried out through simple acoustic melodies and harmonies that create a sense of intimacy and atmosphere.