FReeZA Push Start Feature: Horris Green

Horris Green took out first place at the FReeZA Push Start Northern Country Regional Final on October 26, 2014 in Ballarat. They will join eight other regional final winners to play at the FReeZA Push Start Grand Final to be held at the City Of Melbourne’s Moomba Festival on Saturday March 7, 2015.

HorrisGreen3Hi Horris Green, what’s the name of your band, who’s in it and where are you guys from?

Hey! We’re a two piece heavy blues rock band called Horris Green. On guitar and vocals is Lachie Murphy and on the drums and vocals is James McDougall. We’ve both grown up in Ballarat and both live here currently.

Briefly tell us the story behind your band and how long you’ve been making music and writing songs?

Horris Green began as a couple of bored uni mates looking for ways in means to fill in their frequent days off. Knowing each other briefly throughout their high school years, we became closer friends through uni and we decided we would have a jam one day for a bit of a laugh. We officially started considering Horris Green to be an actual band at around mid-2014. Being only the two of us, our song-writing process is very simple as we base our ideas around a melody and try to put lyrics, bridges and properly try to structure the songs afterwards.

What are your band’s musical influences? Have they evolved from when you guys first started out?

Mutually, we are both heavily into an English band called Royal Blood. As they are also a two piece, we try to emulate what they do as well as interpret our own style to how we write music. They are definitely a huge influence for us and they pretty much gave us the idea to start this band.

Which Regional Final did you win, and how was the FReeZA Push Start competition experience for you guys?

We won the Northern Country Regional Final. This was an amazing experience for us and we were so lucky that the event took place in Ballarat. We saw this as a massive advantage for us as we could promote it like crazy and get a good fan base along to support us at a very intense and nerve racking time. We had no expectations of even placing after watching the bands that played throughout the day but it was surreal to think that our set was good enough to get us through to the granny.

You’ll now be battling it out with eight other bands at the Grand Final at Melbourne’s Moomba Festival 2015 for a pretty sweet prize pack. Which prize excites you most and why?

They are all really exciting prizes! We are really interested in the proper promotion and distribution of the CD’s. All very helpful ‘push starts’ to get our name out there!

What were your favourite songs or albums for 2014? What music are you most looking forward to next year?

Microscopic Wars by Kingswood and Black Rat by DZ Deathrays. Keeping that rock’n’roll alive! Great Aussie music.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite shows to play at?

We’ve performed all around Ballarat, ranging from headline shows at Karova, supporting touring acts, playing house parties and only just recently we played alongside X Factor winner Samantha Jade. All great shows and really good exposure for us. Personally you can’t beat a headline show at Karova.

If you had unlimited amounts of money, what would be your dream gig or tour? Where would it be, who would be playing, etc?

I’d love a stadium tour all around the world. Like Coldplay’s Mylo Xylto tour. Sell out stadium gigs all around the world, so inspiring! Getting on a bill like Glastonbury or Coachella would be amazing as well.

What’s the plan for your band in 2015, what will you be doing or working on?

We hope to have released a few more singles by the end of the year and hopefully get some airplay on some radio stations. We’d like to think we’re ready to properly engrave our name in the Melbourne music scene sometime next year but we know it all takes time. We’ll just take it as it comes really!

Where can fans find out more about you and upcoming shows?

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