PrintThe FReeZA Mentoring Program is funded by The Victorian Government and presented by The Push. It offers young Victorians aged 18 – 25 years the opportunity to be teamed up with an established music industry professional to gain advice, get hands-on training and experience, and learn more about the career opportunities that exist within the industry.

The program includes one-on-one mentoring, tailored Master Classes, networking and skills development opportunities. Mentoring is offered in five music industry streams:

  1. Event Management
  2. Marketing and Publicity
  3. Technical Production
  4. Music Business
  5. Performance

Traditionally the program is run once per year and has a duration of six months. Mentees also get the opportunity to work on a recording project, and assist with the planning and running of the Push Over music festival.

Many mentees that have come through the program have reported great success with finding jobs and internships in the music industry! You may have even heard some of our past participants on the radio!!

Read FReeZA Mentoring Program FAQs below.
If you have any further questions about the program, please contact The Push on (03) 9380 1277 or email

Selection Criteria

Mentoring places are limited to 30 participants and a competitive selection process will operate. Participation is via application only. In addition to the eligibility criteria, you must:

  • Have some current or previous experience in the music industry
  • Have taken steps towards building a career in the music industry
  • Be able to demonstrate your aptitude for a career in the music industry
  • Be able to demonstrate that you would benefit from participation in the Mentoring Program
  • Be able to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria for the FReeZA Mentoring Program.


What will I get from the Mentoring Program?
As a FReeZA Mentoring program participant you will get support, information and encouragement from people who are already established in the music industry. You will also have a range of opportunities for professional development at Push Over music festival,a recording project master classes and other events.

You will be mentored by an industry professional who will have regular contact with you as agreed on at the start of the program. The mentors may:

  • Talk with you about how they got started and their day-to-day working life
  • Help you develop your skills
  • Explain aspects of the music industry or their profession
  • Introduce you to relevant people in the industry
  • Help you explore your work and training options
  • Support you in skill development activities that are part of the program.

Who will mentor me?
The Push has a great track record with mentoring and helping young people connect with like-minded music industry personnel. On the basis of your application and career ambitions, The Push will review their database of industry professionals and approach a mentor that will suit you. Industry Mentors are people with skills and expertise in one or more areas of the music industry. Some of our mentors are fresh to the industry, others are veterans, but they are all well established in the industry. All mentors are volunteers. Past mentors include:

  • people from Soundwave Festival, Big Day Out, St Kilda Festival and The Falls
  • people from Blue Max Music (management- Hilltop Hoods), Michael Parisi Management andWhite Sky Music
  • band members from Shihad, Regurgitator and Grand Salvo
  • people from triple J, JMag, ABC Radio
  • engineers from Salt Studios and Jimi Maroudas (engineer, Eskimo Joe, Kimbra, Bertie Blackman)
    and more!

Through contact with The Push, you will also get regular feedback and career guidance from The Push staff themselves. All staff have either worked, or currently work, in the industry in different roles along with their work at The Push. Your mentoring relationship will be monitored and guided by The Push throughout the mentoring period.

How much time will I need to commit to the Mentoring Program?
You will need to commit about 30 hours of time over 20 weeks to the FReeZA Mentoring program. Some of this will be for group sessions and some will be one-on-one with your mentor. You will have at least 10 hours of direct contact with your mentor and at least 15 hours working on skill development activities and at least 5 hours of master classes as run by The Push. You will also need to set aside some time for travel to The Push HQ for meetings related to the Mentoring and Skill Development sessions.

What does it cost?
Participation in the FReeZA Mentoring Program is free. The Push may also cover, where appropriate, approved travel costs and accommodation for regional participants.

Who can apply?
Anyone with an interest in becoming employed in the Music Industry as singer-songwriter, performer, event manager, music marketer, publicist, radio-presenter, journalist, sound engineer, lighting or staging technician, manager, record and publishing agent and more.

You must also:

  • Be between 18 and 25 years of age
  • Be able to commit to at least 30 hours of activity during the mentoring period
  • Live in Victoria
  • Be willing to adhere to all Push policies and procedures
  • Be willing to communicate regularly with the FReeZA Mentoring Project Manager
  • Not use illicit drugs, alcohol or tobacco when involved in Music Industry Mentoring project activities
  • Satisfactorily complete the FReeZA Mentoring Program selection procedures
  • Always provide factual information through the recruitment process and FReeZA Mentoring Project

Supervision and our duty of care
The Push Inc accepts a duty of care for all participants in FReeZA Mentoring activities and is committed to maintaining high safety and security standards at all events. All Push events and activities are fully supervised and alcohol, drug and smoke free, in line with Victorian Government requirements. Live events are open to all ages, and no pass outs are issued. Stage diving and crowd surfing are not permitted.