Darcy Fox

darcy3She beat over 350 bands from across Victoria to take out the grand final of the FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands in 2014, but Darcy Fox was busy making music long before she entered the statewide competition. In the past the country/pop singer from Moe has been musically likened to Ed Sheeran, with her acoustic guitar tunes and fast paced lyrics adding flair to her soulful and melodic performances. Darcy is already fast becoming a favourite at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (this was her third year performing) so do your ears a favour and listen up! We caught up with her for a quick chat about her latest win and where to from here.

Hi Darcy! Congratulations on your epic win of the FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands competition for 2013!! What was the feeling when they announced your name onstage at the grand final?

Hey! Thank you so much for interviewing me. Winning Battle of The Bands was such an amazing feeling, I had a big group of friends with me and when my name was called they all cheered and it was a really awesome feeling – I literally ran on stage.

Making music has run in your family for a few generations now. How did they react to the news that you won the state wide comp?

They were all really happy for me and proud, there were a lot of congratulations and it was just a really great feeling to be surrounded by so much love.

You’ve scored yourself a pretty rad prize pack for taking out the top spot. When we last spoke, you were most excited about the recording and cd pressing prizes. Have you given any thought to how you will utilize all of the prizes throughout the year?

Definitely! I am going to record an EP this year, so I can use the recording time to help me with that and the CD pressing to create them – the posters and Plakkit campaign will also come in super handy to try and promote myself and any shows that I am doing around town.

Over the past few years you’ve established yourself in the music scene, having already released a debut album in 2012 called Unprotected Grounds, a music video, and received airtime on the country music channel, Landed Music, and rage. What are the next steps you’re planning to take over the next year or so?

Well like I said I want to release a new EP and promote that as much as possible, and to take my songs on the road – basically play them to as many people as possible!

In your recent Beat Magazine interview, you mentioned how hard it is for independent artists to get recognition and exposure. How have you been working towards this over the years? Got any advice that may help other bands?

Back in the Myspace days I had quite a big online following and I found that that really helped, even just in getting opinions of my music and things like that. But I think that social media is a really important tool for artists to utilise and I try my hardest to do as much networking as I possibly can, almost everyone is online these days and it is a really effective way to reach a lot of people.

Have you found it easier or harder being a solo performer in the industry?

I think it comes with its benefits and its downfalls. On one hand, there is a lot more work to do because there is only one of me as opposed to say five members in a band, but it also gives me a lot more freedom. I can practice whenever I want and I’m only on my own time schedule which really works for me, but I think I prefer having that freedom and just putting in a bit of extra work.

We’ve read that you’re quite fond of busking in Melbourne. Tell us a bit about that experience and what you get out of it as a musician.

I think that you see the city in a different way when you busk. There is so much going on and even though you’re performing you still get to watch as the world goes by and I think it’s really interesting. I have gotten some pretty interesting tips over the years including a bubble wand and a calendar but I usually come home from busking with one story or another!

What other hidden talents do you have?!

I like to say that I make the world’s best milos, but I could be a little biased.

In July you’ll be touring with Paige Renee Court and Imogen Clark in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Have you previously done a lot of touring?
I am so excited for this tour. It is my first tour and we are doing it as a co-headlining tour which I think will be really interesting. We each have our own different style but I think that it compliments each other really well. I’m hoping after this to do a lot more touring.

You write about anything and everything, people and situations that you encounter. As your writing has developed over the years have you noticed any common themes, is there a particular direction you favour?

I think because I started writing when I was young, I can definitely see how I have grown up and developed through my writing. I think the songs on my album have quite a diverse subject matter but recently my songs have been kind of about the same subject of break ups and all of the emotions that come with that, but I know that my songs will change and my writing will change because I am always changing and developing too.

Over the next few months where can we catch you playing?

I am always adding more gigs so please check my facebook page for updates! My upcoming gigs are:

20th April – Front Beach Café, Torquay 4pm
27th April – The Central Hotel, Beaconsfield 3pm
2nd May – Pepper Jacks, Traralgon 6pm
8th May – The Espy, St Kilda (Dumb Humans for Darren, raising funds for the reach foundation)
11th May – Front Beach Café, Torquay 4pm
14th May – The Workers Club Fitzroy (Supporting Hounds Homebound)
16th May – Pepper Jacks, Traralgon 6pm
31st May – Revolver Bandroom w/ Stonefox, Danish and Ionwite

Stay up to date with the latest news from Darcy Fox at www.facebook.com/darcyfoxmusic