Clayton Street Festival 2014 (Monash City FReeZA)

Sunday 23 February, 2014
@ Clayton Road, Clayton
Review by Amelia Loucas from Quiksound Productions (Monash City FReeZA)

claytonfest14The annual Clayton Street festival is a day filled with fun, food and entertainment for the whole family. With over 15,000 attendees it is pretty safe to say that this year’s festival was a success. If you are anything like me the most enjoyable part of any festival is the food. Clayton Street Fest was no exception. The foods ranged from savory goods, delicious deserts and your basic BBQ sausages. Most of which looked and tasted amazing, however, the Potato Tornados were an absolute winner. They are pretty much a combination of the texture of hot fries and the delicious salty flavours of your favourite packaged chips, all on a stick.

The Festival entertainment was sure to include all the different flavours of Monash by providing acts of all different cultures and backgrounds such as Nuholani Polynesian Entertainment and the Manasis School of Greek dance. Scattered around the festival were displays of local clubs showcasing skills taught and develop through lengthy periods of hard work and dedication. In particular the local martial arts club displayed an admirable sense of disciple evident in all skill levels. There something quiet engaging about watching people execute perfect roundhouse kicks from multiple angles and heights with perfect speed, accuracy and without the look of pain or hesitation to follow. Considering most, if not all, participants of the martial arts club were in their early teens their skill level and dedication to their sport is astounding.

The youth zone had a good variety of different music and dance based acts. The majority of the music acts were rock based, but each with their own unique style. In particular the acoustic performance of Lachlan Duthie was most enjoyable with his strong vocals and easy to follow melodies. The Superhoodz were the most engaging act on the youth stage. Their Hip-hop dance style is entertaining for all ages and their engagement with the audience is flawless. The crowd tripled during their performance. In particular their focus on getting kids involved in the dancing experience created a fun energetic vibe transmitting to each audience member, most evident in peoples willingness to let go of inhibitions during dance battles resulting in wonderful displays of cartwheels and other unique dance moves.

Indeed this was a successful and enjoyable event. If you were unfortunate enough not to attend this wonderful festival, I highly recommend you take the whole family down for a day of fun at next year’s Clayton Street Festival.