brooklynBrooklyn formed in early 2011 and, having been a band for just under a year, had already played live gigs at some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues including Billboards, where they played with three other metal bands to a sold-out crowd of 1000. 2012 only promises to be more exciting for the band as they embark on their first national tour, playing Hope out West and PushOver, and working on a new demo, Shadowplay, scheduled for release early in the year. Arts & Music Reporter Jack spoke to vocalist Andrew Moller about how Brooklyn has reached the heights they’re at now.

How does it feel to be FReeZA Artist of The Month for January?

It’s awesome. It’s always good to receive acclaim for things you’ve put a lot of hard work into, so for us I think it’s a big achievement and something that we’re pretty proud of.

And have you been working on Brooklyn now? Because you have a fair few social media outlets set up. You’ve got Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, websites, YouTube… I think you’re kind of across it all now.

Brooklyn was started in about March 2011 and only had a Facebook page, so I joined in about April and set up all of the rest of the websites so that we could reach as many people as we can.

Nice one. So Brooklyn is a big part of your life now as well and it seems like the members in the band have a fair few different influences. One of the guitarists is into jazz, and I heard you chuck on Phantom of the Opera sometimes. With so many different influences, what happens when you’re writing songs?

Everyone definitely brings their own little twist to it, but when it comes to Brooklyn we all know exactly what we want to get out of the band and everyone seems to be on the same page, so what each of us might prefer in our individual listening doesn’t affect the overall product too greatly. Overall, it’s just a case of all of us getting our head in the one direction and that’s the way we go when we’re writing.

To be honest I’m not that educated on the metal genre. What’s the different between your genre and standard metal?

I think standard metal would mostly be attributed that to some of the real legends of metal like Megadeth and Iron Maiden or bands along those lines, whereas we come with a lot more of a hardcore influence. It’s not quite as full-on in some senses, but on the other hand it’s more full-on in terms of how aggressive it is. Blending the influences of “core” and “metal” gives us a lot more room to play around with what we want to include in songs by covering a couple of different genres under one.

Do you still have the guitarist Soup?

Ah yeah, Soup is actually brand new. He hasn’t been announced yet, but I guess this is a nice way to announce that he’s our new guitarist. Welcome Michael Campbell, ha ha.

So that’s pretty rad. How did he come into the band?

We’ve kind of been unlucky with guitarists and we’ve been through a few. Just trying to get people that fit perfectly with the band and who are steering the band in the exact direction that we want to go. We had to ask one of our old guitarists to leave, but we’re still good friends with him. And then we auditioned around 30 people and Soup was the best fit with the band both musically and on a personal level.

Recently you did a tour with Dream on Dreamer, We Came as Romans and The Devil Wears Prada. How did that go?

We only got to do one show, would have loved to do that whole tour, but that one show was absolutely amazing. To play to a sold-out crowd of 1000 people at Billboards with two bands from America and another one from Melbourne… It was really something we were hoping to achieve after years of being a band and we got to do it within six months.

Well you have accomplished quite a lot to date. You’ve got a few gigs booked in early 2012: Hope Out West in January, then jumping on your first ever tour which is pretty rad, playing a house party, and Push Over in March. How’s that all gonna go?

We’re very excited. We’ve been working really hard alongside the Fetch Agency, who’ve been absolutely amazing in helping us to play as much as we can, wherever we can, and so Fetch and Brooklyn are really trying to set up the required groundwork so that we can see as much of Australia as quickly as we can.

What’s on for the rest of 2012? Are you working on any new material?

Yeah we’re recording at the moment at Frequency Studios with Beau McKee and we should have our new demo *Shadowplay* out in Jan or Feb and then I can’t reveal too much, but we’re going to do some pretty serious writing and tuck ourselves away for a bit while we work on a CD.

For people who are yet to see you live or jump on Youtube and check out some of your clips can you explain what’s going on when you’re up on stage?

We kind of go on with the mindset of “jump around, have as much fun as we possibly can, but make sure everyone does their job correctly and tightly as a band”.

Well good luck for 2012. It’s pretty exciting that you’ll be kicking us off only having started earlier this year.

Yeah thanks heaps.

Congrats too on January artist of the month. It’s a good way to kick off 2012.

Yeah, it’s a huge way. Thank you.

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