Brighter at Night

brighteratnightAfter forming in 2009, Melbourne five-piece Brighter at Night have been spreading their spasmodic pop punk and fruity goodness around Victoria. Their goal is to turn frowns upside down with an up-beat sound and an energetic performance. We caught up with the band for a friendly chat.

Please introduce us to each band member.

We are fronted by Rachel Giusti on vocals, combining her radical stage presence with the voice of an angel. Her bubbly and silly personality goes down to her core and always makes for interesting band practice. Paul on guitar is by far the most goal-driven in the band, from the hard work he does behind the scenes, to his organisational skills. His shred-tacular guitar playing makes him the “cool dad of the band”, sort of like your mate’s dad at school that seemed really cool to hang with. When Trav isn’t laying tasty bass lines he’s usually saying something funny or doing funny things. He’s just that great kid that’s there to put a smile on your dial, to rock out and perform on stage and head bang so hard you’d think his head was just about to fall off. Shaun plays the other guitar and offers a different style of playing to Paul, giving us a more unique sound in our newer songs. He is a happy-go-lucky kind of character who chills most of the time, except on stage where he’s too busy getting his groove on. In need of a haircut, Nick is the newest member of the band and his creative rock beats are going to be the driving force behind this band for a long time. Although Nick is confined to the one space during shows he is still dazzling to watch as he whirls and twirls his sticks around whilst keeping in perfect time.

Where do you get your musical influences from?

Within the members of Brighter at Night there are a massive range of influences, including The Veronicas, Zakk Wylde, Blink 182, Mayday Parade, Paramore, Led Zeppelin, John Fogerty, Gorillaz, A Day to Remember, VersaEmerge and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Where did you get your band name from?

The name came from a project that I (Paul) did for a VET music course. I had to make up an artist and write a bio and make an album cover. The photo for the cover had a city park with the trees glowing and the city in the background in the dark of night. I just thought “brighter at night” went well with it. Once we started our band we needed a name and everyone was like “that’s a cool name”. Sadly no big meaningful story behind it, but a cool name nonetheless.

How has FReeZA helped you out in the past?

FReeZA has helped us a lot in regards to playing in front of all-ages crowds. Our first official gig was the Frankston “Fresh” FReeZA Battle of the Bands which got us into the 2009 Kool Skools competition, which lead to us playing in the victory room at Etihad stadium, one of our biggest gigs. We have also played with a number of other FReeZA groups such as Impakt FReeZA at their Beyond Blue charity gig and Brimbank FReeZA as a guest band at their Battle of the Bands. All of these gigs have been really awesome to play and have really helped us expand our fan base as well.

Congratulations on winning best pop rock track for “When Repetition Ends Repeat” and for Rachel being named best female vocalist in Victoria. Where do you hope to take the band into the future?

Thank you! Those awards were a great boost of confidence for us! We want to make our music international and play sold-out tours in every country in the world, after selling the most albums of all time of course. This can only be achieved by a good plan and having faith, though, because a goal without a plan is simply a dream.

Tell us about your upcoming EP.

Our debut EP next year is an exciting prospect for us. We’ll be recording five tracks including “Take Me Down”, “Unfaithful Theory” and “When Repetition Ends Repeat”, plus two brand new tracks. We are lucky enough to be recording at Salt Studios in Brighton, Melbourne for ten days. Once the tracking is done we’re sending our tracks off to the US to be mixed by Lee Dyess, who has mixed for Mayday Parades and Go Radio. So we are seriously pumped for 2011 and to have Lee working on our music.

Why pineapples?

Because I don’t like bananas! (Rachel) People should buy our EP in 2011 and find out more! We just want to put across that we want to see everyone in Australia at a gig sometime soon, jamming, chilling with us we don’t care, but just come and rock out! We are Brighter at Night.

Peace, love & pineapples! (the fruit with good hair!)

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