BIGSOUND Acts To Watch…


Some choice picks of acts to look out for at this year’s BIGSOUND as selected by Push BIGSOUND Scholarship Winner Greer Clemens.

I am so enamoured with Fazerdaze’s (aka Amelia’s) songs. She seems to tap into every emotion on the spectrum, from angst to desire to a cover of a Gwen Stefani song that will tear you to absolute shreds.

Someone will have to Hold Me Back at Mallrat’s set because I am beginning to think she may become an Icon?! She has songs about not being invited to parties but also not really wanting to go to them in the first place. I am signed on the dotted line??!

The Goon Sax
This is a cheeky sneaky one because they’re not on the official lineup but I have been dying to see this band since I heard their debut! They are 18 going on 35 and I love it.

Alex Lahey
Watching Alex play is honestly one of the greater privileges of my life. She writes songs with the kind of efficacy and emotional intelligence that makes you want to write her words down in your notebook so that you can refer back to them.

Japanese Wallpaper
There is honestly nothing more exciting than hearing someone play a new set of songs that are leading towards a huge musical moment for them, and watching Gab’s set feels like this — a little look through the window into the future!!

I am always always always down to watch Jarrow, Melbourne’s most endearing rockdogs. Their guitarist, Aife, is one of the sickest shredders we can lay claim to, and Dan’s voice has this unique cadence to it that doesn’t remind me of anyone and that’s why it’s cool.

Sampa The Great
The prospect of seeing Sampa play again is too much for me to handle, because the first time I heard her chant F-E-M-A-L-E along with an adoring crowd, I shed some small happy tears.