For any emerging singer, band or DJ, the gulf between playing your first few gigs and releasing a record can seem huge. No doubt, a lot of hard work and patience is required to get there, but by removing several trial-and-error mistakes along the way, the path can seem a lot less rocky. With this book in your hands, you have already taken the first steps in starting your music career.

By the time you’ve read it you’ll have learnt how to get your act up and running. You’ll know how to record a demo, land yourself gigs, and what to include in a press kit. You’ll know which person at a record company to send your CD to if you want to get signed; if you’d rather steer clear of labels, then you’ll understand the workings of a publishing and distribution deal. You’ll learn about promotion, publicity and merchandise, managers, lawyers and agents. You’ll know exactly what is required to forge a career in the music industry.

Whichever field of the industry you’re planning to work in, you must do your homework and learn as much as possible. You’ll quickly discover it is a very competitive marketplace. It is essential to present yourself confidently and professionally in your dealings with others already established in the industry.

To be taken seriously it is important to be organised. The first step is to register yourself as a business. This applies to you if you’re a solo artist, a DJ, a band, or doing management, promotion or booking.

With your business name and ABN you can set up a bank account for all your business expenses and earnings. It is very important to keep this separate from your own money, especially if you’re part of a group. It also makes accounting for tax purposes much easier.

Before finding a manager you may have to do all the work yourself. But if you’re in a band, you can divide the tasks between the members. One person can do the bookings, while another handles the accounting and another manages the promotion and publicity.

When you’ve organised these few things, you’re ready to work as a professional in the music industry. The Young Players Guide will help you understand the different areas you’re likely to encounter during the early stages of your career.

  • Registering a business name / getting an ABN
  • Setting up a work space
  • Purchasing an Australasian Music
  • Industry Directory
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Deciding how you want your act’s name to be written


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