Yergurl is a 17 year old bedroom pop songwriter and producer from Bendigo. Her music explores the trials and tribulations of growing up as a rebellious teen queen and the power emotions have over hormonal adolescents. Yergurl’s songs are honest, lyrically confronting, raw expressions of her feelings, which reflect the wild happenings of her adolescent life.

When did you start writing songs and making music? How did you get into it?

My songwriting basically stemmed from my fascination with music production. I remember in early primary school we’d use the program Sony Acid Music to make songs for videos and stuff like that, and that’s when I FELL IN LOVE with making music. Then in later years I’d download free trials for music producing programs and use GarageBand on my school laptop. I also started
writing a lot of shitty year-7-crush poems which turned into writing shitty year-7-crush songs! Then of course that lead to shitty year-10-crush songs, and year 10 was ultimately when I started writing songs seriously.

How would you describe your music?

I always find answering this really hard! I’d have to say my sound is derived from pop music and it possesses qualities of pop, but to me it doesn’t exactly fit that criteria. Generally my songs are kind of immersive and at times atmospheric, as my overall aim is to suck the listener into the portrayed emotion and feeling of the song. My music is emotional, and all of my songs are
emotionally charged for me. Basically, when people tell me that they’ve cried to one of my songs, I know my job has been done.

Where do you get the ideas for your songs and do you have a process for writing them?

All of my inspiration and ideas come from the things happening in my real, adolescent life. I find adolescent life soooo inspiring, therefore I feel blessed to still be 17. Ultimately, I have a few different processes for writing songs, but my 2 most favoured techniques are:

1. I play around on my keyboard and find either a chord progression or melody that makes my heart fuzzy. I then get my voice memos out and improvise a whole bunch of lyrics on top of the chord progression. I’ll then type out those improvised lyrics and go back and edit them until I feel like they’re POPPIN’!

2. When I’m feeling ~some kind of way~ I’ll type up a string of lyrics in my phone’s notes, usually without having a melody in mind (so it’s kind of like a poem at this stage). I’ll then play around and find a chord progression that compliments the lyrics and then poof! Tears will roll outta my eyes and I’ll know she’s the one.

What kind of things do you like to write about?

Emotions… of all kinds. I think music is so mysteriously good at forking emotions out of people, and I kind of feel like emotions and music go hand in hand. But in saying that, I think love, infatuation and grief are the best expressed through music. Sadly, I think I tend to lean more towards grief, but this is because a breakup triggered my songwriting. I really enjoy writing
about that ex-boyfriend… he got me so emo-chanel. But I also really like writing about teenage life and the kind of culture associated with teens and even poking fun at my own teenage life. I like to portray yergurl as being a rebellious, cigarette smoking, hormonal, pretentious and emotional teen queen (like I am).

Who has had the biggest influence on your music?

I think many different people in different ways have influenced me, like artists such as Lana Del Rey, The 1975, GIRLI, Charli XCX, Eminem etc. and people like Mum because I’ve always shown her my music before releasing it, and getting her advice which has shaped the way I make music now. But sadly, overall my biggest influence would have to be that FRICKEN ex-boyfriend!! That lil’ dude is the reason I started making music seriously and putting myself out there as an artist. He inspired all of my first songs that I’ve released and without his profound skills in heart-breaking, there would be no yergurl out there to hear. Plus, the name “yergurl” came from the chorus in the first song I EVER released (obviously about that ex) where it says “I’d be your girl
even though I’ll get hurt” !!!!

What do you like to do in your downtime when you’re not making music?

Honestly, making music is the most interesting thing I do in my downtime, but I love binge-watching YouTube and Netflix, especially watching SJW cringe compilations, Big Mouth, Rick & Morty, tonnes of documentaries and really anything obscene. I also really like writing in my diary about all my feels and all the freaky shit that goes on in my life, as well as drawing! I have an
Instagram account for my art @prncessfaeonart.

If you were to collaborate/perform with any artist, who would it be and why?

Totally 100% GIRLI. Her songs are so fun and unique and she’s an artist I look up to with insanely dilated pupils. I really wish I could write songs in the style of GIRLI because she’s POPPIN’, so if we collaborated, I feel as though our lovechild in the form of music would be delicious and gorgeous. Goddamn… now I can’t stop thinking about being on stage, getting low with GIRLI. :…(

What are your plans for 2018?

Well, yergurl’s still a lil’ baby in school… so finishing VCE is something I’m focusing on this year and honestly, trying to make it a priority over music is ROUGH, but it’ll all be over soon. Despite this, I’ve been asked to perform at some venues for later in the year, so I can’t wait for yergurl to be introduced to the REAL world and for everyone to see me live! Other than that, I’ll just keep doing wild stuff and writing songs about it all!

Where can people go to keep up to date with everything Yergurl?

Well, I’d say the best place would be my Instagram @yergurlfae !! Otherwise (when I remember) I keep my Yergurl Facebook page updated with all the latest yergurl gossip. Other than that, my SoundCloud is the place to go to hear the latest music drops!!