PCR119LP 12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007]If preceding LP’s from this Tassie band had you rocking out, or you are looking for a new punk rock band to get into, then you need to go out and listen to this new album.

Forming in 2009 in Saint Helens, Tasmania, Luca Brasi consists of vocalist and bassist, Tyler Richardson, guitarists Tom Busby and Patrick Marshall, and drummer Danny Flood. Their first full-length release, Extended Family, was a direct and authentic album, gaining them admirers nationwide and a spot on Triple J’s Short fast Loud report in 2011. Their Second full-length release By A Thread was released through Poison City Records, showcasing a new, more dynamic sound to their audience. Richardson’s vocals and lyrical refrains were highlighted as well as Busby’s guitar work. The release was also mixed by Matt Bayles, whose production catalogue includes Pearl Jam, Murder City Devils and many more.

The band is known to have toured Australia relentlessly, gaining an unlikely place in the 2012 falls festival and touring with such acts as pop-punk icons, Bodyjar, and renowned American punk rockers, Title Fight, in 2014. Their shows have irresistible passion and excitement leaving the audience and the band themselves with massive smiles on their faces with each live performance.

If This Is All Were Going To Be is the band’s latest release, being released by Poison City Records. Songs like the two singles, ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘The Cascade Blues’, show contrast throughout the album, highlighting their abilities to have softer and more upbeat moments through the duration of the release. In addition to that, tracks like ‘Spin and Collapse’, ‘Anything Near Conviction’ and (my personal favourite) ‘Drop Out’, show how Luca Brasi use different techniques to bring some ingenuity to the record. Tyler Richardson’s vocals give each song the harsh aggressiveness it needs to be punk rock, in ways that that we would expect from bands like The Wonder Years and The Story So Far; while Tom Busby’s guitar gives each song a new, catchy riff to hook us into listening to this album over and over again. Danny Flood’s hard hitting drums have us head banging to the steady rhythm he creates for each and every songs, his drum fills not overshadowing and being over shadowed by the rest of the band.

This release for Luca Brasi really showcases how far they have come as songwriters, fusing their trademark meandering guitar lines and introspective lyrical content with new melodies and the punk rock foundations that inspired them from their formation. I had never heard of them before listening to this album and they have won me over as a fan. I am hoping for more material like this in future, as Luca Brasi is breathing fresh air into the Australian punk rock scene.

You can catch Luca Brasi with special guests Moose Blood and The Hard Aches in late August. You can check out the tour dates at lucabrasi.com.au.

By Jordyn Wallace