Album Review: John Butler Trio – Flesh & Blood

By Gabby Crump, guest writer

jbt-fleshandbloodThe world renowned, multi Aria Award winning act John Butler Trio launched their 6th studio album to the world in February this year. The Western Australian band has built themselves a very impressive reputation since the release of their debut album John Butler in 1998. They have worked with four different studios across the country throughout their career, including The Compound in Freemantle where this new release was recorded.

The album is titled Flesh & Blood and features a variety of tracks that highlight the group’s ability to compose pieces that capture different genres in a unique an interesting way. Multiple tracks on the album calm the listener while others have strong dance vibes that do just make you wanna get up and dance.

John Butler Trio take us through a therapeutic journey through this album, creating the perfect music to have on when you’ve got some alone time. I’d say make yourself a cup of tea, get cosy wearing all the knitwear you own, turn off your phone and let Flesh & Blood transport you to a new state of mind.

For me only Blame It On Me and You’re Free are not worth a relisten outside of the context of the full album. How You Sleep At Night however is a track that I want to be playing on repeat throughout my day and highly recommend. The song just makes me want to go on an adventure and speaks beautifully lyrically. The band continues to produce guitar parts that inspire all of us to pick up a guitar and work on musical skills. If you’re feeling a bit rockabilly and ready for a dance, have a listen to Livin in the City and Devil Woman. These two tracks can be summed up simply in one word… groovy.

This album has to be listened to in its entirety once through and appreciated by all John Butler Trio fans. Then the listener can continue playing the less dragging songs throughout their day which, might I say is really the majority of Flesh & Blood. JBT have been in this music making business for quite a while now but they still haven’t lost their talents and creativity yet.

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