The Push values the important role young people have in our organisation, and the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is one of our most integral elements. The YAC comprises of 12 young people aged 18-25 years from a diverse range of musical interests and backgrounds. They are committed to youth culture and development, preferably with experience in music or event activities like festivals, music events, and FReeZA committees. The YAC meets monthly with The Push staff in order to achieve its aims.

The YAC plays an important role in all aspects of The Push, including:

  • advising The Push on programs, services and events
  • representing young people with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests within the area of music and culture
  • assisting in service planning, delivery and evaluation by providing hands on support for Push activities through which skills and experience are developed and enhanced
  • promoting and profiling youth music culture in Victoria
  • profiling The Push and its programs via the media, having a presence at events and representation at relevant forums
  • participating in the governance and upholding the values of The Push
  • to be a committee that allows for discussion, networking and connections of a diverse range of youth music cultures.

For further questions or information on the Youth Advisory Committee, please contact The Push on (03) 9380 1277 or email

Back: Johanna Gibbs, William Patton, Evie Vlah, Ryley Clarke, Campbell Morath, Harry Bradley, Acacia Coates, Sophie Sampson, Declan Long

Front: Aqilah Ramli, Luc Bohn, Molly Jessop, Sarah Barclay

Not pictured: Sara Glaidous, Suzi Yaghmoor and Claire Trevena