Take You Out: The Addictive New Single from Moaning Lisa

Ahead of their national run of shows in July (including a coveted slot at Splendour in the Grass) the four-piece grunge-pop maestros have released another bona fide banger marking their powerful entrance into 2019. Moaning Lisa’s most recent EP Do You Know Enough? (released October 2018) gave us our latest dose of the band’s achingly earnest lyricism, with musical explorations navigating the swirling journey of longing, heartbreak and self-assurance.  

Enveloping unabashedly candid revelations of yearning with woozy yet undulating guitar riffs, the new single Take You Out serves as the perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever experienced the anxieties and frustrations of pining for someone who doesn’t quite see you back.  

“In my dreams you’re sharing everything with me/ I’m meeting your family and they approve so I’m buying a ring.”

Opening with shoegazey guitars and a subtle rhythmic pulse, the lead vocals relay the all-too familiar routine of dreaming up the ideal life with a perfect stranger-who just so happens to not be a stranger at all. Eerily satisfying harmonies tiptoe into the track during the chorus, the mantra-like chant building in anticipation with each additional line. In a moment of emotional purgation, the wistful frustration that once pervaded the song’s narrative, transforms into hopeful determination marked by the eruption of a sonic energy that has been simmering just beneath the surface.  

Bouncing between milder moments of quiet resignation and outbursts of blistering passion, the sheer versatility of Moaning Lisa’s musicality is once again on full display for fans to relish in. There’s a kind of unspoken effortlessness that underpins the entirety of the single, emboldening the quintessential grittiness that punctuates the dreamier sentiments expressed in the eternally relatable track. Exposing and owning the vulnerability experienced in life and love, Moaning Lisa bring a kind of gut-punching power to Take You Out making the danceable tune an enticing first taste of what’s next for the Canberra-based band.  


Catch Moaning Lisa playing live at Grace Darling Basement on the following dates:

Wednesday 10th July: https://www.facebook.com/events/2676108802615781/

Thursday 11th July: https://www.facebook.com/events/840452496331842/

Friday 12th July: https://www.facebook.com/events/2524921444407491/