Seth Sentry

103510_sethsentry1Aussies have known for quite a few years now that our own brand of hip hop is rather special and unique. We had the chance to share it with a wider audience earlier this year when Melbourne MC Seth Sentry made history becoming the first Australian hip hop artist to appear on a US talk show. A week after appearing on Jimmy Kimmel he was back to play at triple j’s One Night Stand in Dubbo, and shortly after kicked off a relentless 24-date tour of regional Australia with fellow Melbourne artists Mantra and Grey Ghost. The Vacation Tour has seen Seth play in small, intimate venues around the country and even show some love to the underage scene by headlining the Moyne Shire FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands. We caught up with Seth for a quick chat between gigs.

Hey Seth, thanks for chatting to us. You played at one of our very own FReeZA gigs earlier this year. What was that like? Have you played many all-ages shows in the past?

Yeah it was fun, a 13 year old rapper got on stage & killed it!

Who were your favourite artists as a teenager? Are there any underage gigs that have stuck in your memory?

First underage show I went to was The Living End. Awesome.

Did you perform as an underage musician?

Nah, not really, mostly just freestyling at parties.

Two of your tracks were included in the 2012 Hottest 100. What did you do to celebrate? Attend any mad VIP Hottest 100 parties?

Ha – nah, we were playing BDO at the time, so we celebrated there.

Without wishing to encourage any stalkers out there, I’ve heard you’re based in the majestic area of Coburg, home to many excellent types. Are any of your lyrics inspired by your home town?

I think prolly the majority of my lyrics are inspired by the things in my life. Yeah, I’m still not sure if Coburg has ever been referred to as “inspirational” though.

Your track Dear Science discusses the severe lack of hoverboards on the market… Do you think they’ll be invented within your lifetime?

I hope so!

If you could have dinner with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

I’d have dinner with a dead Sheryl Crow.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs in the day, cats at night.

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