RedcoatsPicForming back in ’07 over a mutual love and need to produce music, Redcoats started out as a two-piece. They quickly gained a singer and then added a fourth member to their band in ’09. The band recorded and toured extensively throughout 2010 and are now back on the touring circuit creating full blown psych rock with shivering results. On record Redcoats sound like hardcore rockers, but live the band form a sound that will blow your skin off.

Rhys and Andrew, you started off in ’07 and then Emilio you joined the band in later that year. Then Neil joined you in ’09. When did you know that four was enough?

It just felt like it was right so we stopped there.

And from there you decided to take off to the bush for a little. Did that help with the recording process?

It helps a lot. We do that quite a bit. It’s just sort of become our process. It’s the most effective way of writing we’ve found so far.

How does it help? Is it the isolation or just the environment?

It’s just getting rid of all diversions and distractions. Like time and friends and having to be places. In the city you have a six-hour studio time to rehearse and write, but if you go to the country for a few weeks you have all day and all night, whenever it comes up. And that tends to work for us.

2010 was the major year when you decided to drop a few things and focus solely on being a band. Do you think that was the turning point for you as a band?

It sort of started coming together in that way in ’09 when we first did our proper recordings that we got circulating. Then in ’10 when it started picking up moment we decided that was the best thing to do, but we also didn’t want to do work or uni so it wasn’t a hard decision.

You’ve played a couple of festivals and with a few big bands now like Calling All Cars, Stone Temple Pilots and Papa vs Pretty. Are those bands that you’ve looked up to?

Stone Temple Pilots were, I’d say. The other two, honestly I didn’t really know a lot of their music before then. It was cool to tour with those guys though, especially Calling All Cars. They’re friends of ours now.

Do you find that happens a lot?

Yeah it’s a bit hit and miss, you respond to different people like anyone does day to day so sometime you just get some you don’t gel with. So far it’s been pretty good with us.

Focusing a little more on the self-titled EP that you’ve released, it has five tracks on it and your favourite one is “Rainbow Lips”. When I was listening to it I was picturing myself getting my swagger on while walking down the street. Is that something you were trying to get across or do you picture something completely different when you’re playing it?

It’s a bit of, not an anthem, but something we all like to do in summer time. Spending time with people and our friends and just be happy with our surroundings. We really want to try and get that out before summer time comes along and hopefully people respond to the same feeling we were putting out.

Is that something you want, for people to be able to get different feelings from the music when they’re listening to it in different mindsets?

Yeah, well, we often write in that different realm or different mindset so it works in anyway really. It’s just to try and get people to feel a little bit freer and just shaking their inhibition and enjoying things.

Your music in particular is a bit of a throwback to solid rock, but then you have little tweaks on that in between and then Emilio’s voice layered on top, which is quite unusual. Is that something you set out to do or was it a more progressive transition?

It’s just the way it came together, I think. We didn’t really set out for it to be like that, it’s just all our influence personally came together. It’s the sound that we have at this point in time, but it is constantly changing.

What does go into the lyric-writing process?

Emilio does the lyrics – for now, anyway, but we all work off one another with what the content of a song is. We use our experiences around us and we all experience everything together, so it just kind of contributes into the content of a song lyrically, we all take certain things from it.

Considering you have been a band and working on songs for quite a while, is there potential for an album quite soon?

That is the plan. We’ve been writing for an album for about a year now so we’ve got a lot of stuff that’s there and ready to go. Early next year we hope to get into the studio properly and put them all down.

And is it going to continue the same vibe as the EP?

We personally think there has been a pretty decent evolution across the past year in our writing and our lifestyle, I guess. We’ve all evolved as people and musicians, so it would be good to offer people different variations on what we’ve done and something a little different. It’s still heavy rock – that hasn’t changed, but the content has.

Well it does sound like it’s going to be a very interesting and eclectic album so I’m very much looking forward to it. Thanks for hanging out with me today.

No worries, thank you very much for having us.

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