Ramp Rage (Bairsndale FReeZA)

ramprageSunday 23 February, 2014
@ Davison Oval Skate Park, Main St, Bairnsdale
Review by Erin from Bairnsdale FReeZA

On Sunday the 23rd of February, Bairnsdale held its second annual Ramp Rage, organised by our local Bairnsdale FReeZA crew, East Gippsland Shire and YMCA. Victorian Skatepark League hosted the event, making it the Bairnsdale heat of the Gippsland Regional series, which attracted a crowd of over 400. Kids from under 12 to young adults competed in skate, BMX and scooter categories with some amazing talent from all ages. Along with the talented skate park skills from the Bairnsdale youth, there was free spray art workshop and demo by local artist Jason White as well as barbeque, Zorb Balls, jumping castle and music for all to enjoy. For our Bairnsdale FReeZA group, all agreed that it was something definitely different and innovative from the usual music events organised, and hopefully would be something to continue on in the future.


Photography by Geoff Stanton.