mindsetCongrats on snagging FReeZA Artist Of The Month for April 2012. How does it feel?

Good! We are always happy to be involved in all-ages shows.

How and when did Mindset start out?

2006. Chaz and our old Guitarist were in the same year 12 music class. They knew some dudes that had been in punk and hardcore bands previously, I was one of them and we went on from there.

You’re originally from Tassie. What brought on the move to Melbourne?

Our band went on a hiatus just after recording our second EP in late 2007. Chaz had already moved to Melbourne and another member was living interstate. Thanks to some good friends it just worked out for everyone to live here and we started playing again.

How does the metal scene in Melbourne compare to that in Tassie?

We started playing in Melbourne early 2008. Venues we’ve now played five or so times were completely new to us and we got on shows with some really good bands like **** it I Quit, Face Eater, The Seduction & The Abandonment. For those reasons it was a really cool time. I guess comparing the two: in Tasmania people are far less spoilt for shows, so when stuff happens it seems to be more appreciated, or at least it was. The punk/hardcore crew in Tassie are also really unified, which is cool.

You’ve described yourself as “melodic hardcore”. Not being super educated in the hardcore scene myself, can you describe what elements of your music make it fall into that category?

Compared to a really straight up hardcore band our sound has more melody. If you listen to our stuff it really comes through in the guitars. Also, when we started we were really into punk – stuff like Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out and Bigwig. All that stuff is very melodic.

You’ve changed the lineup a fair bit since you started out. Do you think lineup changes are pretty common in hardcore bands?

It just depends on the band. With Mindset two members just had to leave to do other stuff, in the end it worked out better everyone. As a band now we’re definitely in much better shape that we ever have been. I feel like the new stuff we’re writing is a lot like what I’d always hoped we could do.

After moving and getting down a solid group of band members you released your debut album in mid-2011. How great does it feel to have something so important under your belt?

Midnight Sky was a lot of fun to write and record. I’m pretty satisfied with the reviews and response we got but at the same time it was a huge learning curve and next time I think we’ll be able to push ourselves to do a much better record. There’s still a lot more we want to do with Mindset.

Cheers for chatting with me today buddy.

Thanks for having us!

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