FReeZA Push Start Feature: The Quick & The Dead

The Quick & The Dead took out first place at the FReeZA Push Start Hume Regional Final on September 20, 2014 in Shepparton. They will join eight other regional final winners to play at the FReeZA Push Start Grand Final to be held at the City Of Melbourne’s Moomba Festival on Saturday March 7, 2015.

ThequickandthedeadHi guys, what’s the name of your band, who’s in it and where are you guys from?

Hey, we’re The Quick & The Dead, 3 brothers from Glenrowan/Wangaratta, Victoria. I’m Rhys Duursma on drums/vocals, Kai Duursma is guitar/vocals and Isaac [the spink] Goeby is bass/vocals.

Briefly tell us the story behind your band and how long you’ve been making music and writing songs?

We all grew up playing music together, whether that was school, church, carols etc. Especially Kai and I, we come from a musical family so it’s always been a part of what we do. Then Isaac has literally been around forever so the natural progression when I started writing some tunes was that the three of us would form a band. It’s actually 2 years to the day since our first gig as tQ&tD haha, so how about that (8/12/2012)

What are your band’s musical influences? Have they evolved from when you guys first started out?

We’ve all got a fairly different influences but I would say the most consistent between the 3 of us are The Almost, U2, Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, Jack White (White Stripes), Bob Dylan, Sonhouse, Haste the day, Children 18:3, Led Zeppelin, Blindside, Guardian and it just goes on…

Which Regional Final did you win, and how was the FReeZA Push Start competition experience for you guys?

We won the Shepparton regional final in September. We were actually quite surprised, haha, there were some great bands there who we thought definitely did us out of the job; Top Knot, Mud Puppy and Realizations to name a few. Check them out they’re all good guys.

You’ll now be battling it out with eight other bands at the Grand Final at Melbourne’s Moomba Festival 2015 for a pretty sweet prize pack. Which prize excites you most and why?

To be honest I couldn’t actually name any of the prizes haha. But were stoked to get the opportunity to play with and appreciate a bunch of other guys doing a similar thing to us.

What were your favourite songs or albums for 2014? What music are you most looking forward to next year?

New Albums we loved this year would beThe Almost – Fear Inside our Bones, Jack White – Lazaretto, NEEDTOBREATHE – Rivers in the Wasteland, U2 – Songs of Innocence etc. We’re all really looking forward to an album by our Canberra friends in Weather Permitting called Sonslines, definitely check them out!!! But were finding more and more that we’re looking back not forward. We’re discovering a ton of these old blues guys like blind Willie Johnson, Sonhouse, Johnny Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson etc. Not just blues either, we grew up listening to people like Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Reverend Gary Davis and U2 but were just now finding guys like Rodriguez, The Police, Neil Young, Dire Straits etc. In my opinion music history is more living and real than most of our no.1 hits today. Rant over.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite shows to play at?

Favourite show mmm… that’s such a hard question. We play in such a variety of settings. Everything from pubs, schools, cafe’s, youth council gigs, church’s, skate finals, backyard’s… we’ve even played at a youth prison three or four times. To turn your question on its head I would say our favourite shows are because of who we play with, not where. We’ve got some great musical friends so we love most when we do collaborative gigs with them and their bands, which generally turns into a spontaneous all-in combined mash up of groups for a finale. That’s what music is about. Connecting people and creating community.

If you had unlimited amounts of money, what would be your dream gig or tour? Where would it be, who would be playing, etc?

Bob Dylan had this dream of a musical tour that worked like a continuous circus. With a consistent group of people at its core and an ever-evolving mass of musicians and artists constantly travelling and performing wherever the road took them. I know it sounds like such a hippie thing haha but that’s what I would love to be a part of. Live on the road with friends and make music till the end of time. Aside from that obviously it wouldn’t be that bad to tour with U2, the Foo Fighters or Bob Dylan as well.

What’s the plan for your band in 2015, what will you be doing or working on?

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting one. We’ve just finished recording a live acoustic EP called Folk’n’Flight with a bunch of our friends which should be out early next year, so keep an eye out for that. We’re also planning our first tour for around March/April next year and are starting to think about our second full length album with talk about recording late next year. But the best laid plans go astray, so we’ll just go where the wind takes us..

Where can fans find out more about you and upcoming shows?

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