FReeZA Push Start Feature: Revolution

Revolution took out first place at the FReeZA Push Start Barwon South West Regional Final on November 7, 2014 in Geelong. They will join eight other regional final winners to play at the FReeZA Push Start Grand Final to be held at the City Of Melbourne’s Moomba Festival on Saturday March 7, 2015.

RevolutionHi guys, what’s the name of your band, who’s in it and where are you guys from?

Our band is called Revolution and we’re a 5 piece outfit from Geelong. The band consist of Jack Harman on acoustic guitar / lead vocals, Riley Harman on rhythm guitar / vocals, Nick Tutone on lead guitar, Casey Searle on drums, and Sab Rawson on bass / vocals.

Briefly tell us the story behind your band and how long you’ve been making music and writing songs?

Three of the guys, Nick on lead guitar; Riley on rhythm guitar / backing vocals and Casey on drums, first met and formed at Oxygen College, Geelong in 2012. They were put together as part of a music course and they liked the sounds they were creating. Jack later joined our outfit in 2013 as the lead vocalist and acoustic rhythm guitarist and after recording our first EP in March 2014, Sab came on board as the 5th and final member of the band to play bass just prior to the release of our first independently funded EP in September 2014.

What are your band’s musical influences? Have they evolved from when you guys first started out?

We have no particular style or genre that we could say has collectively shaped our sound. All five of us have a different style and interest and we’ve found that this has been extremely helpful in influencing our own style of music. What we’ve found though, is that the more time and energy we’ve put into it and the more we’ve practised, the more developed our sound has become.

Which Regional Final did you win, and how was the FReeZA Push Start competition experience for you guys?

We originally entered in the Golden Plains heat of the FReeZA Push Start Competition, which we were surprised to win, because it was out first gig together. That win resulted in us ending up in the Barwon South West Regional Final at Geelong competing against some amazingly talented musicians and we’re stoked to have been chosen as the winner on the night and to go on and represent our region at Moomba.

You’ll now be battling it out with eight other bands at the Grand Final at Melbourne’s Moomba Festival 2015 for a pretty sweet prize pack. Which prize excites you most and why?

We honesty entered the Battle of the Bands just for the experience to play some live music together and we thought it would be a bit of fun. As it’s turned out, we’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime to play at the Moomba festival. Regardless of who wins, just the chance to play on that stage is the thing that excites us the most because we get to play to a whole new audience and hopefully they’ll like our music as much as we like creating it.

What were your favourite songs or albums for 2014? What music are you most looking forward to next year?

Some of the stuff we’re listening to at the moment are the Jungle Giants, Matt Corby, John Mayer, Cold Play and Residual who competed in last year’s Push Start State Final.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite shows to play at?

We’ve just finished playing the ‘Foot in the Door’ comp as part of the Queenscliff Music Festival, at Geelong’s Tri-UMPH Festival, Airey’s Inlet Music Festival and we’re soon to play at Torquay’s Night Jar Artists Festival in January and the Motor City Music Festival in March. We’re of the collective view any opportunity to play our music is an opportunity we’d jump at so we can build on our live performance.

If you had unlimited amounts of money, what would be your dream gig or tour? Where would it be, who would be playing, etc?

Getting on the festival circuit and playing shows like Groovin’ the Moo, Splendour in the Grass or Falls Festival with a line-up of great acts that we could get up close to and learn from.

What’s the plan for your band in 2015, what will you be doing or working on?

We’ve just finished writing a bunch of new stuff and we’re planning on getting into the studio early in the New Year to record them and we’re hoping to release our second EP shortly after.

Where can fans find out more about you and upcoming shows?

You can catch up on all things Revolution by visiting us at:

For more information about the FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands competition, click here.