Dream On Dreamer

dream on dreamer picQuestions answered by Michael Mcleod, bass/vocals.

Please briefly introduce us to the six members of Dream On Dreamer.

Marcel Gadacz: Vocals
Callan Orr: Guitar
Luke Domic: Guitar
Michael McLeod: Bass / Vocals
Daniel Jungwirth: Keys
Aaron Fiocca: Drums
All members bring their own uniqueness to the band. We are six friends doing what we love and enjoying every minute of it.

How did your band form?

We are a collaboration of musicians and previous bands. One of those bands was made up of Marcel, Callan and Daniel. When they decided that they wanted to take music more seriously, they looked for additional members to fill the lineup of the new band. In their search, they had come across me (Michael), as I was playing in an acoustic act at the time. They sought me out as they liked my voice. So one day they hit me up and asked if I wanted to be part of the band and also take on the role as the bass player. Down the track, we held a few guitarist auditions and met Luke who was equipped with the right gear and the right attitude. Not long after, Aaron took over drum duties to round out the line-up, eventually forming Dream On Dreamer, as we know it today.

In May 2010 you signed to the Boomtown Records label. What was that like for your band?

It was incredible, to say the least, to get recognition from such an amazing independent label and in such a short period. We had worked so hard to get this band to where it was and it felt as though it was all slowly coming together. I think once you do have a label backing you, people expect so much more of you as a live act, and as musicians and we wanted to prove that all this was well deserving and all the hard work we had put in took us here today. That we’re not just a “hype”.

Your debut EP “Hope” was released in June 2010, and was well received by fans. Are you working on a new album? What do you think your new album will be like? Will you e taking any different directions next time?

The feedback and response we had received for our “Hope” EP was amazing! We have since completed our debut album, Heartbound, which will be released worldwide through multiple labels UNFD, Rise Records, and Triple Vision, so having them all on board is really exciting. We like to think that the new album is still Dream On Dreamer, as we took a lot more of a personal approach to writing and creating this record. It was many months in the making and we had the opportunity to work with Florida-based engineer/producer Cameron Mizell, who had had previously done work with Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire and Woe Is Me to name a few. We were all really excited about the recording experience and to be able to record it abroad in the US, was a dream come true. We are really proud of this release and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

What’s your most memorable or favourite experience from touring over the yeas? Have you played FReeZA events in the past? How have FReeZA helped you?

We have played a few FReeZA shows as well as Push Over and they are nothing short of a good time. You know that it’s going to be a fun and successful show when all are involved. They are all such hard working and helpful people, and so friendly that you always feel like family.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your band when just starting out? Do you have any good advice for other young bands who may be trying to break into the music industry?

Here are my words of wisdom (ha-ha):

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Give it everything you have!
  • Treat your fans as if they are the rock stars, because without them you are nothing. We are so grateful and humble by all the kind words and support we get from our fans that we wouldn’t have the success we’ve received thus far if it wasn’t for them.
  • Other bands are not the competition. They are your friends on the road and are doing exactly what you are. It’s not about which band pulls more to a show or has better merch – you are all chasing the dream and every now and then you have to realise that. Help each other out when you can, because if you don’t make it as a musician maybe you can help someone who can.
  • Promoters and event / crew companies work their arse off for you, so be nice to them.
  • Be there for the opening act. You were once that band and it’s about showing support and respect.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks or spend money. Spend money to make money.

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