Confession: Crafter

By guest contributer Jake Robertson

crafterConfession ventured out on their final tour at the start of January, armed with the line-up of Michael Crafter, Richie Newman, Jake Dargaville, Brandon Martel and original guitarist, Adam Harris to destroy stages and venues around Australia one last time. Having toured with the likes of A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive and The Amity Affliction, Confession have done it all touring across Australia, Europe and Asia, played various festivals including Soundwave, Warped Tour and Unify with some of the best Australian and International acts, including Metallica, Blink 182 and Slipknot. The Cancer charity campaigns he is so passionate about, his absolutely hilarious and outrageous online presence and overall ridiculously colourful career Michael Crafter has earned him a place as one of the most loved legends in the Australian scene, so here we are having a chat with the man himself as we look over his career and life.

You’ve had about a million different dudes in Confession since you guys started the band in 2008, how does it feel to play music with a whole bunch of musicians you agree (and disagree) with when it comes to writing, recording and playing music as a whole? What made you choose your current line-up for the final tour?

From the word go that was always going to be the case with the band, we set out with the idea of doing a band with mates who could tour and work around the band, if they couldnt tour we’d get fill ins. This happened even on the first tour, Even in the recording process off the ep we swapped drummers after the first 2 days.. Confession only ever had 2 song writters, dan brown and jake Dargaville(current drummer). No one else really contributed at all other than being a touring member.. If we never had to do press shots, we never would have had confirmed lineups hahahahaa. As far as the current tour lineup it was who was available, much like every tour weve ever done.

Over the years you’ve made a lot of friends, entertained a lot of people, made it onto Big Brother, and just been a dude that everyone in Australia’s heavy scene absolutely loves for one reason or another. What are your plans for the future now that you are ending your career as a musician – will you still be involved in the heavy music scene?

I got a printing business, I got a few other companies and Im trying to distance myself from music so to speak. Music never paid the bills, it never made me enough money to survive off. It was always side business’s that always covered the costs of life. Touring was just a fun thing to do.

You have been in many bands such as I Killed The Prom Queen, Bury Your Dead, Carpathian and finally Confession, you’ve seen friends like Parkway Drive absolutely blow up around the world, ex IKTPQ bandmate, Jona Weinhofen join bands such Bring Me The Horizon, Bleeding Through and start IKTPQ back up after a hiatus. How do you feel looking back on your career and seeing people you have grown up with succeed in their own endeavours over the last fifteen or so years?

Kinda more stoked on parkways rise to success from nothing. They legit came from me seeing them in a jam room, witnessing their first ever show to being a world wide success. It’s still mind blowing it happened, but its been good to be there for the ride. Theyve taken us on some of the best tours ever.

Now that you have made it to the end of an era, what did you expect coming up to this final tour and how have you found the last few weeks running around the country playing a whole bunch of shows?

You never know what to expect from final shows. It just hope I have a good time and reflect back on it and say that was a sick tour

Having the pleasure to come out and see you guys the other week and then seeing you guys again play at Unify over the weekend, how did you find Unify and where do you see the festival going in the future?

Hopefully it stays pretty small and keeps it real. There’s no need to try get massive when its already a success and kicking goals. I doubt it’ll become a touring fest due to the camping aspect.

What are your thoughts on the demise of Soundwave and the empty space it has left in the hearts of Australian heavy music fans – what are your thoughts on Legion Fest and the plans they have for the heavy scene in Australia as a result of Soundwave’s end?

Sw’s death will do more for heavy music than ever before, It’ll hopefully make more people start attending more local shows. Legion fest will never happen, not with that lineup. Their current lineup idea’ wouldnt sellout a big venue in australia let alone be a touring festival. No offence to the dudes, But right now theyve announced band’s who’d barely sellout a 1000 cap room.

What are your favourite/least favourite tour memories over the years as a touring musician and who are your favourite bands to tour with?

Parkway is the favouite band to tour with and all the first tours when stuff was fresh. No ticket sales, we’d just show up and if people came to the shows we’d be surprised everytime.

Kennedy is growing up and everyone understands that you plan on spending more time with her as she enters her schooling years and starts to really grow up, but were there any other factors that made you decide that you no longer wanted to be a musician/be in a band?

Nope, not really. Bands end all the time. It was time to move on from music to something new..

You’ve had an extremely colourful career and have earned a special place in the hearts of the heavy scene in Australia for your social media presence, your career as a musician and for just being an all-round great dude. Do you have any final words for your fans and for anyone thinking of starting a band in the heavy scene?