Buried in Verona

83703_BuriedInVeronaSydney six-piece Buried in Verona have toured as part of FReeZA’s Push Start Battle of the Bands over the years. With their third studio album on the way, I spoke to singer Brett Anderson about lineup changes and the band’s new holistic approach to writing songs.

Congrats on grabbing FReeZA Artist Of The Month! How does it feel?

Yeah, really good, it’s good to try something new and have some good things happen after it, if that makes any sense, haha.

Perfect sense. So how did you boys first get together as a band?

Back in the day I was just in a little band from my home town and we all kind of just parted ways. I definitely wanted to keep that part of my life going, so I rang up Scott Richmond, who was our old bass player, Kat, and a couple of other blokes I went to school with, and then next weekend we were jamming.

So it all happened pretty quickly?

Yeah it did, we had a lot of trouble finding a drummer in the early days. Originally we just had me, Mick, Scott and Kat and basically made fake drums on the computer when we’d rehearse. We continued that way until we finally came across a drummer. And we started tracking that first album straight away, Circle the Dead.

You guys are Sydney born and bred. What’s the local heavy music scene like?

In Sydney it’s always fairly consistent, but from the last Australian tour we did I felt like, in more of the Queensland area, that heavy music is dying a bit? I’m not sure if it’s too many bands flooding the scene or not enough good bands flooding the scene, but I feel Sydney and Melbourne are always pretty consistent.

You’ve got a new record on the way – Notorious. What can you tell us about that?

Basically, I don’t know, haha. It’s definitely the best feeling I’ve had in a long time, on this record. We basically did just exactly what we wanted to do as musicians and headed in a new direction. It’s kind of a mix of every single genre of music and every single bit of music that we’re passionate about rolled into one. It’s still heavy – it’s still got everything that Buried in Verona used to have, it’s just much broader now. I think that there is a much deeper connection, more emotion coming from the songs than in the last two albums.

New band members Nate and Sean joined in 2011. Have they left their own take on the sound in the record?

Yeah they came in probably halfway through the demoing process. And because we were all friends anyway they sort of knew what direction we were going in anyway. Before joining the band we made it pretty clear to them, like we sat them down and took them through everything, and told them “this is sort of where we want to go” and thank god, we were all sort of on the same page. We all wanted to try something different and push our song writing ability to breaking point. We just wanted to get the best out of each other and put it on record.

How is the writing process for the band?

Circle of Dead and Saturday Night Sever were sort of mostly written by our old guitarist Mick, who’s an amazing guitarist and very, very technical and sort of structure-minded. So basically he’d write the songs and I’d do the lyrics and melodies and rhythms and stuff and we’d have an album sort of thing? For this album we went a group approach where we’d bring in some stuff and other people would finish it off, or we’d write as a group. Just so every song had, you know, more dynamics through it instead of one experience per song. It’s like a lot of different moods in one song now.

How does the rest of 2012 look for you?

Busy! We’ve got the Notorious tour all through the capital cities and then straight after that we’ve got rural. We’re heading down to Tasmania, which we haven’t been to, and then going to north Queensland. And then I think we’re trying to do South-East Asia, which will hopefully be locked in soon. I’m hoping it’s some big stuff for you, maybe a festival lineup or two! I can’t wait! I’m a little bit excited about what’s coming up!

Sounds like you’ve got a big year coming up! Look, I won’t keep you any longer – congrats again on being FReeZA Artist of the Month!

Thanks man!

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