The aim of this section is to provide artists and budding industry workers with information that will assist them to achieve all that they can be. Here you will read articles about songwriting, touring and self-promotion as well as heavier issues like publishing, royalties and copyright law.

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Interested in playing at a FReeZA event?

How to Enter and Prepare for a Freeza Push Start Competition (by The Push)

Contact your local FReeZA committee
To get a show with your local FReeZA committee, you should contact them directly through the Your Local FReeZA Committee section of the FReeZA website, where you can find all the contact details of FReeZA workers for all areas of Victoria.

The best approach to getting a gig is to give the worker name listed under your chosen FReeZA committee a call or email and let them know that you are looking for gigs. Tell them your band’s facebook or website, a bio and also a demo and suggest that their committee listens to your music. Give them a follow-up call a few weeks later to remind them about you or your group, and to see what their committee thought.

FReeZA Push Start Series
The FReeZA Push Start Series showcases young musicians from around Victoria, giving them the opportunity to perform, gain local exposure, and win their way to a spot on the Grand Final line up. There’s also a bunch of cool prizes they can win from our generous sponsors. Regional heats are hosted by FReeZA Committees each year from February to August, with the winners going on to compete in Regional Finals from October to December. The Grand Final is held at the annual Melbourne Moomba Festival in March.

Most FReeZA committees run a heat: to enter, contact your local FReeZA committee and find out when their applications open. Then download the Artist Application Form and Guidelines from the FReeZA Push Start Information page, complete every section and submit it to your local FReeZA worker.

Push E-News Listings
The E-News is a monthly newsletter specifically for FReeZA workers, which includes information about artist availabilities for workers who may be looking to book a band for an U18 or AA show. To be considered for a E-News artist availability listing, email with your band name, website link, contact person and number or email, a small blurb about your band and the month and areas you will be available in (for example, if you will be touring regional Victoria during May and have availabilities for gigs on specific dates). Availabilities for shows outside of the Victoria region will not be considered.