Album Review: Howqua

By Allie Hearn, guest writer

howqua epBen Campain, better known as the acoustic singer/songwriter Howqua, is preparing to take his music to Canada after years of playing shows across Australia. After picking up a guitar 10 years ago and hoping to combine some simple sounds with the poetry he wrote. He saw it as a way to emphasise the meaning behind his words. He released his first single, My Mindset, in September 2013 and since then has released his self-titled album in late February 2014.

The self-titled album, Howqua, is a six track album that gives the audience a taste of what Ben Campains music style is all about. It is a rarity to find an artist who can captivate the audience within the first song but Ben does this effortlessly. All of his songs display a certain vulnerability as his lyrics are completely honest and authentic, making it impossible for the audience not to connect and relate. The first track he released, My Mindset, is a prime example of how he sings with such intense emotion. This particular song not only displays his wide vocal range but how he uses his personal feelings and experiences to connect and relate with the audience. Like all of his other songs on this album, this track comes with a very important message; telling us to love ourselves.

The second track, Time, lyrically explores the theme of growing old and the fact that even if you slow down, time won’t. It gives a powerful message to the audience, encouraging them to make the most of their lives, to live life to fullest and to embrace each moment. It is a bitter reminder that life goes on and we mustn’t waste any of it. Time, is a perfect example of how a mix of two very different genres can come together as one. In this case, Campain has crossed acoustic and electronic music together and created a masterpiece.

Howqua, as a whole is an album that show cases the incredible talent of Ben Campain. The album is one that is very easy to listen to as the songs flow nicely, complementing one another.  His vocals, despite the layers of impressive instrumental music, continue to be his best asset in all of his songs. His ability to express his feelings through his music makes him a rarity, I personally think he has a very promising and exciting career ahead of him.